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5 Key Factors to Successful HYIP Investing

learn-from-the-pros - 5 Key Factors to Successful HYIP Investing

No matter how we are lulled into complacency, the truth of life is that any HYIP may be a scam. However, investors should not fall before the shot. HYIP investments can bring good money. It is enough just to pay timely attention to some aspects of HYIPs in due time influencing those which are within the investor’s control. Even invested money can be secured, if you correctly consider the time of entering the project, the time of leaving the HYIP, the amount of investment and the strategy of withdrawing interest.

learn-from-the-pros - 5 Key Factors to Successful HYIP Investing

Selecting a HYIP. An important factor in choosing a HYIP is its popularity, which is determined by the number of paid adverts on the Internet and the number of discussions on forums. Your task is to determine the HYIP that will attract a lot of investors and will work long enough. Choose HYIPs with a good advertising campaign able to attract investors. It should also be paid attention to the novelty of the proposed investment solutions that can appeal to a large number of people. Among them are methods and convenience of investing and withdrawing money. Selecting by such principles it is possible to find a new HYIP with high potential.

The starting time of investment. After selecting a few blown HYIPs study the types of projects and the time span. Having selected some potentially successful HYIPs, find out how long each project has been operating and its type (fast, medium-term, long-term). It is pretty risky to invest in fast HYIPs older a month, the better entry point for medium-term ones may be within 3-6 months, investment in long-term HYIPs can be considered after one year of operation as well.

The time of leaving HYIP. To determine the time of leaving you need to observe the HYIP advertising campaign, changes in regulations, and other indirect factors. To determine a suitable time to leave the HYIP you should carefully monitor investors’ reviews on the forums, HYIP promotions, changes of the payments order. These and other indirect data can help you determine when to withdraw the money and wash your hands off.

When investing in fast projects the analysis should be made daily, in the medium-term ones — weekly, and in long-term — monthly. The time of leaving HYIPs is a very important point, because while chasing the next interest you risk losing your entire deposit together with the profit. Do not run for further interest. If all witnesses that the HYIP will soon wind up, quickly withdraw your money.

How much and where to invest. Do not keep all your eggs in one basket – invest in several different types of HYIPs. Prefer long-term HYIPs. Investments in medium-term projects should not exceed 40%, and those in fast — 10%. Diversification of investments will insure you from losing money in case of scam of one or more projects.

It will be also useful to know about the so-called method of deposit boost. The essence of this method lies in the fact that at the initial stage, the amount of money invested is significantly bigger than planned, the significant interest is accrued on this large deposit in a short time, which is left for investment, and the entire initial deposit or its larger part is withdrawn. Thus, the time risk of losing money is strongly reduced and in consequence you risk only the interest received from such deposit boost, but not your money.

Withdrawing interest. Concerning fast HYIPs we recommend withdrawing interest immediately after its being accrued, for example, every day, as for the medium-term we recommend to draw conclusions immediately upon receiving interest. The deposit capitalization is only valid for long-term programs potentially designed for several years of work. For fast and medium-term HYIPs you can consider capitalization, but only if you have entered at the early stage of the project existence.

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