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Basic Rules of Investing in HYIPs (Part 2)

how-to-milk-hyips - Basic Rules of Investing in HYIPs (Part 2)

This post is part of Free Guide to Investing in HYIPs. Read the previous article.

how-to-milk-hyips - Basic Rules of Investing in HYIPs (Part 2)

4) Realize that all HYIPs sooner or later stop to work

Be careful, because any HYIP eventually stops working. Taking this as the inevitable fact you’ll be better prepared for the fact that you can lose money in a given program, despite its impeccable reputation and long-term operation, a few received payments, etc.

Remember that investors in HYIPs do not need to avoid risks but minimize them. I have explained a little earlier how to understand at what development stage the program is. This analysis helps to minimize losses, but below there are a few indicators shown that the HYIP may soon collapse:

  • Too obvious encouragement of investors by posting positive feedback about the program on forums
  • Too obvious encouragement of investors in promoting the program
  • Creating affiliate incentives to additionally reward more successful referrals,
  • Too many “DDos attack on the site” – as the reason why the site does not often work,
  • Changing investment plans and adding new ones
  • Changing terms and conditions of payment
  • Excessive posts of “defensive character” on forums.

5) If it looks too good to be true, then this is the case

This rule applies to all kinds of investments, but it will also help you not to get into fraudulent HYIPs. Such programs promise approximately the following interest: 200% in an hour, 500% in a day, etc.

6) Do your homework: carefully analyze all

The chapter “A detailed study of HYIPs” is the most complete in this book, and it is no coincidence! Make sure that you fully understand all of the items in this chapter!

7) Determine the time of investment and withdrawal of money

Naturally, this is the most important moment of investing in HYIPs that will determine your success or failure. Of course, you can define your investment approach, strategy, you can make a very thorough analysis, but if you do not “come and go” on time ( ie, invest and withdraw cash), you will not see any money! More information about this is in the chapter “The life cycle of HYIPs.”

To be continued. Watch out for updates in the blog!

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