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Boxinvest (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Boxinvest (SCAM) Review

Boxinvest.net is a mid-term HYIP that was launched on 26 February 2016. The HYIP has four investment plans for 30 — 180 days with 0,8% — 2,1% daily profit. Boxinvest.net also boasts quality site design, a high-end technical part, good promotion, and a convincing legend. Let’s take a closer look at all relevant features of this HYIP!


Boxinvest’s website has a clear, crisp, uncluttered layout. Simple and clear site structure helps you to quickly find everything you need to invest in the HYIP and earn money on its affiliate program. Special thanks are to the webmaster for Investment Calculator that greatly simplifies accounting of costs and profits.

hyip-scams - Boxinvest (SCAM) Review

The HYIP website is currently available in English, Russian and Chinese.

Of course, I’m not Sherlock Holmes, but judging from the only Russian-language video presentation of Boxinvest.net on the site, the HYIP has roots in Russia.

General info

Boxinvest.net has a rather original legend that doesn’t read like the legends of most HYIPs. According to the legend, Boxinvest.net ‘is a high-class service of individual storage centers that works in many countries of the world. The company was the first to develop this business in China and now they have 5 years of experience and offer the most qualified service of safekeeping.’  How it works? An investor buys a share of one of the three types of storage centers (i.e. make an initial deposit) from 30 up to 180 days and than make a profit.

Investment Plans

So, let’s look at Boxinvest.netBoxinvest.net investment plans. As mentioned above, the HYIP offers four investment plans with variable payouts and time of deposit. The details of each of them are presented below.


0,8% daily, during 30 days. Deposit amount: from $10

1.2% daily, during 60 days. Deposit amount: from $15

2.1% daily, during 60 days. Deposit amount: from $75

1.8% daily during 180 days. Deposit amount:from $25

In order to find return on your deposit from the chosen plan you can use Investment Calculator on the Boxinvest website.

Affiliate Program

Boxinvest.com allows to make money on three-tier affiliate program with 7% – 5% – 3% rewards. High referral commission (5% or more) shows that the HYIP is deliberately seeking for investors.

hyip-scams - Boxinvest (SCAM) Review

Keep in mind that the program must first return the affiliate payment before it will be able to pay investors the interest rate. Thus, a high percentage of payments to partners can’t be a good asset for the HYIP program.

Payment Methods

Boxinvest.com works with the most popular and reliable HYIP payment providers — PerfectMoney and PAYEER. You can get payout through only same payment system that you used to make deposit.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with Support Service via contact form, e-mail or via Skype. Also, you may find an answer to your question in F.A.Q section.

To invest or not to invest — you decide. But always keep in mind that a HYIP can be closed at any stage, once an admin decides it.

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