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Christmas Online Scams To Avoid! (Part 2)

online-scams - Christmas Online Scams To Avoid! (Part 2)


This is the Part 2 of the “Christmas Online Scams To Avoid!” article. Read the Part 1.

7. Bogus gift cards

At holidays we often send gift cards, sometimes we buy them from the third party sites which could be bogus gift cards. There’s a high probability that your addressee won’t receive anything.

8. Holiday SMiShing

SMiShing is phishing through text wherein strangers under disguise of a legitimate company push you to get important information or perform actions that you don’t normally do.

9. Phony E-tailers

E-tailers are sites displaying fake ads for bargains. The thing is to lure you into buying fake goods so you would reveal your card information and other pertinent data.  You risk being left without the goods you bought and money on a card.

10. Fake charities

holidays are the perfect time to be generous.  Unfortunately, some people take advantage of your goodness persuading you to “donate” to “charities.”  If you receive a message asking for a donation, and you really want to donate, better check if that’s a legitimate organization before doing so.

11. Dangerous e-cards

E-Cards are cheap, free and take you little time if you want to greet somebody.  But some e-cards may have spyware or viruses being downloaded when the addressee gets them.

12. Phony classifieds

Online classified sites are convenient if you are looking for gifts or part-time jobs, but beware of phony offers asking for too much personal information or asking you to send funds via Western Union.  If you come across such offers, leave the site immediately as it is likely a scammer.

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