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Cryptonus.com (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Cryptonus.com (SCAM) Review

Cryptonus.com is a new mid-term HYIP with the yield of 110% after 2 weeks to 150 % after 4 weeks. Launched on 7 March 2016, the HYIP offers in total 9 investment plans — three plans per 2, 3 and 4 weeks. Besides the wide variety of tariff plans, Cryptonus.com has a quality site design, high-end technical part, good promotion, and a convincing legend. This proves that the HYIP is launched for a long-term work. Cryptonus.com doesn’t promise mountains of gold, but provides investors with a permanent income. So, let’s look at the key features of the project!

hyip-scams - Cryptonus.com (SCAM) Review


So, let me start with the website design. Cryptonus website is completed in a very professional manner: clear and uncluttered site layout provides full information you need for investing.

hyip-scams - Cryptonus.com (SCAM) Review

Special thanks are to the webmaster for Investment Calculator that greatly simplifies accounting of costs and profits and a detailed FAQ section for beginners.

Accessibility of the financial statistics and Skype Chat inspire confidence. The HYIP website is available in 7 languages, including English, Russian, German, French and Italian.

General info

According to the legend, Cryptonus.com is a community of independent and professional crypto-brokers — the traders of the cryptocurrency stock exchanges. ‘We would like to note that the BTC/ USD rate is not the most interesting game. We play on other cryptocurrencies to BTC rates, as well as the rates of young and fastgrowing cryptocurrencies,’ the website claims. The HYIP team includes 7 people from 4 different countries. Of course, all this sounds trite, but has a right to exist. The Cryptonus legend neither worse, nor better than other HYIP legends.

Investment Plans

Now let’s take a closer look at an Investment Plan section. As we mentioned before, Cryptonus.com offers nine types of investment plans. The details of each of them are presented in the table below.

hyip-scams - Cryptonus.com (SCAM) Review

To find return on your deposit from the chosen plan you can use Investment Calculator on the website.

Payment Methods

Cryptonus.com accepts only Bitcoins. There are two reasons for this: BTC is the main currency for Cryptonus business, and so it is more convenient to the admins. Second, exchange rate fluctuations between the different currencies can be considerable. And the admins do not want to deviate from their financial model and to have additional financial risks.

Affiliate Program

The HYIP doesn’t offers an Affiliate Program. ‘It doesn’t mean we are not interested in increasing the number of our investors. But we must lift the veil — we have been working for a long time, and we already have a number of trusted and reliable clients. f you share the information about Cryptonus after your first profit — that would be enough for us,’ the admins clarified their position on on the question.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with Support Service via e-mail, Skype or Skype Chat.

Cryptonus.com is a new Bitcoin-operated HYIP with sustainable investment plans and good management of the site. The project has passed its first cycle of life, but it still have the strength of potentially and you can be among the lucky investors who will get big profit. To invest or not to invest — you decide. But always keep in mind that a HYIP can be closed at any stage, once an admin decides it.

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