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HYIP Analysis: Search Queries, Advertising, SPAM

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how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Analysis: Search Queries, Advertising, SPAM

In this article we continue to play role of Sherlock Holmes by analyzing all available data on a HYIP. Namely, we will consider what useful information can be collected from HYIP advertising and due to well formulated search terms.

Search queries

With the help of search queries in your browser, you can find certain information about the functioning of a particular HYIP. To do this, use the following phrases:

“name of the program” for general information.

“name of the program scam (fraud, con, etc.)” to find out whether this HYIP is a scam.

“name of the program pays” to find out whether the payments are made in the HYIP.

“name of the program problem” to see if there are any problems with this HYIP.

If you know the name of the administrator or the company’s director, you can also check them out with the help of a search query. So you know, if they are involved in other active or already disappeared HYIPs.


The more advertised the HYIP program is, the more it spends money on it. The HYIP administrator wants to return his investment at least. This means that if the program is much advertised, then it is unlikely to disappear soon.

Being in the list on the monitoring sites is also part of PR. But in this case I am talking mainly about the text and banner advertisements. When the HYIP is heavily advertised on several monitoring sites and / or forums it is a pretty good indicator that the program will last for a long time.

The advertisement location on the webpages of the monitoring site and forum is also of great importance. Advertising space in the top of the list and on the home page is much more expensive than elsewhere.

Some monitoring sites even put a price on an advertisement next to the banner. If you notice that the HYIP reduces advertising costs (less banners or cheaper place on the sites), the program is most likely to be at the stage of “saturation” (the maximum number of investors), or in the period of decline. This is the time to exit this HYIP. Further you will get to know each of these stages!


Concerning spam, we’ll be brief. No serious HYIP administrator will use SPAM. He will also never allow his investors / users to promote the program with the help of spam, since this type of “advertising” can decrease the reputation.

If you are sent out these mass emails advertising certain HYIP program, you can inform about it to the administrator and see his reaction. However, you’d better stay away from the HYIP that sends spam.

In general, the analysis of all these indicators can significantly simplify for you a problem of investment in a project and save you from financial loss!

To be continued. Watch out for updates in the blog!

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