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How to Milk HYIPs: HYIP Strategies

how-to-milk-hyips - How to Milk HYIPs: HYIP Strategies

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how-to-milk-hyips - How to Milk HYIPs: HYIP Strategies

The strategy importance has already been mentioned about several times in this blog. Examples and advice that you will see in this chapter are only recommendations! Obviously, you need to develop your own strategy to set clear achievable goals according to your capabilities to be a successful investor in HYIPs.

The more you learn and gain experience, the more accurately you will be able to apply this strategy.

  • When you see examples of payments, remember that they are given in US dollars, since this is the only currency that is accepted by HYIPs.
  • Strategies do not take into account compound interest. I repeat: a newcomer shouldn’t take into account the interest until he knows all the details of the HYIP industry and returns his initial investment.
  • The more you distribute your capital, the lower the risk. Although you will have to pay more attention to monitoring all programs and to withdraw funds, but you will get higher interest. Is not what that you want?
  • Investing / trading always involves risk. Strategies allow reducing it, but do not guarantee profits.
  • Carefully studying each strategy.

And, of course, do not forget the golden rule of investment: “Do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose!”

To be continued. Watch out for updates in the blog!


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