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HYIPer’s Glossary (A to I)

be-in-the-loop - HYIPer’s Glossary (A to I)


Account Balance — the balance of one’s current account inside a program (HYIP or other). These funds can be used to withdraw or to invest into program’s Investment Plans.

be-in-the-loop - HYIPer’s Glossary (A to I)

Account Number — the unique number of a personal member account.

Active Deposit — the amount of money that is actively engaged in the money-making program.

Admin — the manager of a HYIP-project, more often its founder. The administrator answer questions, make payments. Sometimes it is a group of people.

Affiliate program (or Referral program) — a money-making program where you earn money based on recruiting others into the program (Referring). Many companies usually pay for the refferals their users or members recruit a persent of the referrals’ earnings or deposits.

After-one-day program —  program what have investment plans what pays after one day, like 103% after one day where 3% of that is your profit.

Alexa rankings — is semi-valid rankings what HYIP people use to check how popular is some given HYIP website. DavidNews.com article over here.

Automatic payments — the system payment feature which processes the withdrawals automatically when needed without request (see also Manual payments, Instant payments).

Auto-Withdrawal (or Instant Withdrawal) The system payment feature which processes the withdrawals automatically when a member makes a request.

Batch number — a number of transaction in payment systems – such, as Perfect Money and Liberty Reserve.

Business days (or Working Days) — is a project what is paying 5 days per week.

Bitcoin — is a new form of money that is the first decentralized e-currency not controlled by a single organization or government. Launched in 2009, Bitcoin is one of the most popular payment methods among high-yield investment programs (HYIPs).

“Black December” — is the seven or eight weeks prior to Christmas and a month or so after it. It’s a time when people tend to invest less in HYIPs or attempt to withdraw to finance their Christmas spending. Rreduced income and greater demand for withdrawals spell the death knell for ANY HYIP. It is also the time when usually scams big part of HYIPs.

Break-even (or Break even point, BEP) — is the point of balance between making either a profit or a loss.

Bonus — funds the administrator adds for some reason to the member account differing from any planned earnings.

Calendar days – project what is paying profit 7 days per week ( see also Business days, Working days)

Compounding — process, when the basic contribution or gained profit reinvests in the project. part of your interest is reinvested back to “initial investment” in case to generate more profit. Never use compounding for any deposit.

Compounding Deposit — a deposit with the compounding option used.

Compounding Percents — the percent of earning which is deposited back into the system.

Deposit, Deposit Amount — the funds deposited into the program.

Deposited Total — the total amount of money ever deposited into the program to date.

Diversification — the concept of spreading the money among a number of different investments or investment programs in order to reduce risk. It’s the idea that one shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Advice: Diversification is a good way to reduce your risk and exposure to the market. Every good portfolio should be diversified. The level of diversification is up to you, though.

Domain — domain is the website name what you see in your internet browser, for example e-money.com (see also Hosting).

DOS, DDOS atack — a denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users.

Doubler  — a popular kind of HYIP where the deposit redouble after certain term.

Earned Total — the total amount of interest one’s investments have ever earned inside the program.

EgoPay — an online payment system; one of the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods among high-yield investment programs (HYIPs).

Exponential Growth is growth that accelerates, that is, the rate of growth increases over time. If you compound your interest from a HYIP, your income will grow exponentially.

Fast — projects that promises big profit for short term.

High Yield Investment Program (HYIP). These programs claim to invest in high risk, high yield opportunities. An HYIP can be both offline or online, and maybe be investing in a variety of markets. A large portion of online HYIP’s are simply Ponzi schemes that call themselves HYIPs. HYIPs bring more than 61 % monthly.

Hosting — is the place where website physically is located, usually it is some server from some HYIP hosting (see also Domain).

Instant payments — payments made automatically when you request them from the user panel of HYIP program.

Instant Withdrawal — is a payment system feature which processes the withdrawals automatically when a member makes a request.

Interest Rate — the amount of money in percent that a borrower pays to borrow money (a HYIP pays to investors). For example, if a $100,000 investment has a 5% monthly interest rate, the program will have to pay $5,000 each month (or any specified period) until the program ends.

Advice: The goal for investors is to earn the highest interest rate possible without sacrificing any security.

Investment Package (for HYIP) — a set of similar Investment Plans grouped by some similar properties (payment ratio, compounding feature or other).

Investment Plan (for HYIP) — the investment proposal with a pre-defined interest rate, initial deposit range and other options. One program may have many additional plans grouped in investment packages.

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