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HYIPer’s Glossary (L to Z)

be-in-the-loop - HYIPer’s Glossary (L to Z)


This is the Part 2 of the “HYIPer’s Glossary” article. Read the Part 1.

be-in-the-loop - HYIPer’s Glossary (L to Z)

Laddering — purchasing bonds that mature at various intervals. This provides the investor with greater regularity of income.

Advice: Bond laddering works by purchasing bonds with different maturities. For example, you might purchase 3 year, 5 year, and 10 year bonds. By doing this, you are giving yourself greater liquidity because your bonds will be maturing periodically. If you simply bought three 10-year bonds, you would have to wait 10 years to see any of your money returned to you.

Legend —  a fictional story about the methods of earnings of the investment project. Most often, this is Forex trading, but there are various spheres. The legend can be very convincing, but you should not take it seriously. Experienced investors use the legend as one of the elements of the quality of preparing a HYIP.

Liquidity refers to the ability of people to get into and out of investments. A “liquid” stock is a stock with a lot of volume that is easy to buy and sell. A “liquid” investment is an investment which is easy to withdraw.

Long term program — program what pays small interest rate daily usually for more then 100 days. Sometimes such programs offers “principal back” feature in the end of investment term.

Low yield — low-profitable projects of HYIP which bring 6-16 % monthly (see also Mid yield, HYIP)

Manual — payments which are made by the manager manually.

Maturity — is the length of time that you have to wait until you get your money back.

Advice: This is the date the borrower has to repay the lender the principal

Maximal Deposit Withdrawal Duration — is a time period after which the program member cannot withdraw his deposit.

Minimal Deposit Withdrawal Duration — a time period after making the deposit during which the program member cannot withdraw his deposit.

Multi-Level marketing (MLM) — is a money-making programs which require participants to market and sell things in order to make money, and the money earned is based not just on how much was sold, but also on how much was sold by the other participants you’ve recruited. MLM can also be an abbreviation for Marxism/Leninism/Maoism.

Monitor, Monitoring — a site devoted to tracing of HYIP activity.

Payment processor — is a payment system what allows you to invest in HYIP. The most popular HYIP payment processors are Perfect Money, Bitcoin, EgoPay, PAYEER.

Payout Ratio is the percentage of earnings paid out in dividends. It is calculated by dividing amount of all dividends by amount of all earnings. Parent Package. Allow depositing to the package only after the user have deposited to the package marked as parent to the current one.

Penalty — is a sum of any currency which administrator removes from the user account and transfers into the system.

Perfect Money, PM — the most popular HYIP payment provider. 99 % of HYIPs use PM.

Piggy bank program — program what allows you to withdraw your initial investment any time.

Ponzi Scheme is any program or claimed investment opportunity which relies on new investments to pay off the older ones. Those whom invest first are thus paid their returns from those who invest after them, leaving the last investors the ones who lose out. Many HYIPs who claim to be trading, investing, etc are really only running a Ponzi scheme.

Portfolio — all of your investments. If you own five stocks, a bond, and have bank CD’s, those would be collectively referred to as your portfolio.

Advice: When you hear a person talking about their portfolio, they’re just referring to all of their investments. If they say their portfolio is up 12%, it means the average return for all of their investments has been 12%.

Principal — the initial deposit one makes to the account. This excludes any compounded earnings added to the deposit.

Principal Withdrawal. Many programs do not allow to withdraw principal. It damages the liquidity but assures the program owners that the money deposited to their system will remain there for long.

Reinvestment — repeated investment of the contribution, after charge of profit, without withdrawing.

Refund — return of means — after closing of the project.

RCB, Referral cash back — also known as refback, when you place deposit under some RCB monitor what pays you back commission what he has received from your deposit.

Referral — the Investor was brought by your link.

Referral program —Same as the Affilate Program.
Reflink — the Link that you can share to get extra profit. Each investor at registration get a unique link.

ROI — return of investment — is how much profit your investment will return.

Scam — in world of HYIPs scam usually mean that program has stopped paying.

Short term program — program what pays for relatively short period of time, usually investment plans have included interest in daily payments, for 10 till 50 days.

SSL — Secure Sockets Layer, predecessor to Transport Layer Security, a protocol for encrypting information over the Internet (Your login and the password)

Total Deposit — the total amount of money on all the active deposits inside the program .

Transaction — any single funds movement into, out of or within the system.

Transactions History — the history of all your transactions.

Upline — the people who recruited you, plus the people who recruited them, and so on.

Username — the unique system username one is registered with in any program

Withdrawal — the transaction when one transfers funds from any account in the HYIP or any other investment program to any account outside the program.

Withdrawn Total — the total amount one have ever withdrawn to date.

Did you think that some terms are missing over here? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will add new words to the HYIP dictionary.

This article is based on publicly available Internet materials.

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