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Do HYIPs Keep Same Color, Winter or Summer?

learn-from-the-pros - Do HYIPs Keep Same Color, Winter or Summer?

Depending on the season there are both periods of hard work and periods of total calm in the HYIP industry. In this article we will try to understand the connection of HYIP investment activity with seasons.

Autumn. Autumn is a golden time for HYIPs and investors. This is the start time of active work in the HYIP industry, as well as in other areas related to investment (stock markets, forex). This is due to the fact that it is in autumn that HYIP admins and potential investors come back from holidays. There are more people who want to earn on high yield investing, and as you know, demand creates supply. It is in the autumn that HYIP “baby-boom” happens.

learn-from-the-pros - Do HYIPs Keep Same Color, Winter or Summer?

At this time to select the investment program is relatively simple. It is enough just to participate in those projects where there is a good buzz. Be sure, in autumn HYIP admins will have enough investors and money to promote the project which has all the necessary potential.

Winter. In winter, the situation is complicated. On the eve of Christmas holidays there are many short-term HYIPs aimed at raising money «for Christmas boxes” For the same reason many successful autumn projects close by the New Year. So, in the first month of winter you should invest with caution and not be hooked on all the “Christmas bonuses”.

Of course, there are projects going through this period and successfully operate all winter and even longer, but they are the exception to the rule. Basically these are projects from the category of low and average yield ones. January holidays are usually followed by a slight lull, which does not concern the MLM-games. In winter there can be often a lot of holiday-themed projects there.

Spring. In spring there are many high-quality projects, especially in the category of average yield HYIPs that please investors throughout the season, and sometimes continue to do so in summer. But with the approach of summer, the term of the project work is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is in May that you need to very carefully monitor the projects where your deposits are kept.

Summer. In summer HYIP industry falls into a deep sleep. Few people want to work at this time, so there are less and less investors as well as admins of high-yield investment programs. Most of the latter are opened and then closed, despite the fact that there is almost no competition. HYIPs just do not have enough regular financial injections to continue to work for proper time even if they want to operate. Some projects still work out well and give many investors the opportunity to get a plus. Well known are projects with the possibility to withdraw deposits in a day.

Despite the obvious seasonality, there are projects that live by their own rules and laws, and work equally well in both winter and summer. Long-term projects usually do not hurry, and will not initiate all possible advertising in the first day of work. Follow the trends which involve a lot of people, many managers and pay more attention to such projects. As it is due to the activity of people, to how they will invite new members that the life of every high-yield investment program, which works on the principle of financial pyramid, will depend on.

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