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How to Milk HYIPs: Investment Strategy #2

how-to-milk-hyips - How to Milk HYIPs: Investment Strategy #2

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how-to-milk-hyips - How to Milk HYIPs: Investment Strategy #2

Before we proceed to analyze the investment strategy #2, please download its chart version from the following link.

STRATEGY #2 (vision — mid-term, risk — medium)

The strategy is to allocate capital in HYIPs with varying degrees of risk. Strategy #1 is built exclusively on investing in programs with a high degree of risk for a short term. Strategy #2 aims at longer earning money for an average term. However, this does not mean that we will focus on it and make it a permanent source of income.

The initial capital may be slightly higher than in strategy #1 (in our case — $ 1000). As for the number of programs worth investing in, I would suggest — at least 20.

Calculate the balance roughly as follows (see the Chart 3):
• 40% — in high-risk HYIPs. Allocate this part among more than 10 programs (or even 20)

• 40% — in the average and long term programs. Allocate this part among into 8 programs

• 20% — in super long and low-risk HYIPs. Allocate this part among 2 programs.
 From this point on, you have to choose the programs that pay interest both daily and weekly. My experience shows that the HYIPs which pay interest on a weekly basis, work longer, though no one can give any guarantees.

Next time, we will examine another HYIP investment strategy. Watch out for updates in my blog!

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