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HYIP Types

With the right approach to the HYIP, correct calculation of when to enter and exit, even a common HYIP participant may receive considerable profits in these projects. In this article I will tell about the main types of HYIPs we often will come across.
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With the right approach to the HYIP, correct calculation of when to enter and exit, even a common HYIP participant may receive considerable profits in these projects. In this article I will tell about the main types of HYIPs we often will come across.

Classic HYIPs

These are private investment projects created by one, two or more people in order to attract depositors’ funds under a certain type of activity which generates income for payments (so called legend). Such HYIPs may call themselves companies, trusts, foundations, dealing centers, private managing trust funds, etc. In reality, there is no activity except the redistribution of funds between members.
This category of investment projects is divided arbitrarily into three groups according to the yield.

  • HYIP’s with the yield of up to 15 – 20% per month (Low-interest HYIPs)

Most of these HYIPs are presented solely on the Internet. The more advanced of them may have offline offices. Most often they are located in a small unmarked “basement” room. But there may be quite respectable offices and even employees. But this is very rare. Legends can be very different, but the forex legend is most often used. Potentially these projects could exist longer than others – up to a few years with the right approach and the admin’s desire.

  • HYIP’s with the yield of 20 to 60% per month. (Mid-interest HYIPs)

It is a popular HYIP group, as it offers high returns at relatively long potential lifespan. Projects from this group can operate from a few months to 1 year. Rarely up to 1.5 years. Of course, under ideal conditions: a quality website, marketing, advertising, admins’ desire. Legends can be very different: investment in real estate, in cars, in stocks, gold, oil, plants, factories, and so on. It is not worth paying attention to the legend. But the quality of the promotion, website, thought-over tariff plans need to be analysed carefully.

  • HYIPs with the yield of 60% per month. (High-interest HYIPs or fast)

It is also a very popular group of projects due to very high interest rates which allow quickly turning money over and getting net profits. Legends, like in the previous group, can be quite different, sometimes even fantastic. For example, you can buy plots on the moon and lease them :). It does not matter.

You should pay attention only to the quality of the site, tariff plans, reviews on the Internet. The drawback of these projects is their lifetime. high interest is not compatible with long-term work. Most of them exist from several days to several tens of days, less often — up to six months. Therefore you should go into such programs at the start.

Pseudo DC (pseudo dealing centers)

This type of HYIPs has been very popular recently. It was connected with the fact that such projects pretend to operate at Forex as convincingly as possible. Pseudo DCs have at their disposal MT4 terminal which allows them to trade currencies. A client can download the terminal, top up the account and trade as in a real DC or via broker. In parallel, the project starts its investment program with the yield, as a rule, very real for forex — 8-10% per month, where “investors” funds go. To be more persuasive it promotes supertraders who will manage the depositors’ money. In fact, funds are not involved in the trade but redistributed among the participants and organizers. Such programs can work for a long time — 1-5 years thanks to a plausible legend and relatively low interest.

MLM (multilevel marketing)

This category of projects has been very popular in recent years. Their distinctive feature is that these projects are advertised on the principle of network marketing through people, from person to person, have a multilevel referral program, marketing is built on communication between the participants and the exchange of money takes place according to certain rules. They are actively promoted through social networks.
The most striking examples of such HYIPs are: loan societies, loan exchanges, matrix, doublers, financial games with a first-come line, etc.

A special feature is also the fact that each participant understands his responsibility for the timing of the project, and therefore is active in advertising and inviting other participants.
So called prestart is typical for doublers and programs with a first-come line when the project is advertised even before its official launch.
Among projects of this group there are many frankly fraudulent ones, which either operate for a very short time, or collect money to start the project, but don’t initiate it.

 Classic Pyramid

It is the type of HYIP that does not require a legend. Admin openly says that he offers to invest in a pyramid. In my opinion, this is the most honest form of HYIPs, when any person, even the beginner unfamiliar with this kind of earnings, is fully aware of where he is involved.

Interest rates are about the same as the ones in average-interest HYIPs — 20% – 50% per month.
the pyramids with the charismatic and personalized admins, conducting webinars and Skype conferences are very successful.

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