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Making Money on HYIPs from Scratch. Affiliate Programs

learn-from-the-pros - Making Money on HYIPs from Scratch. Affiliate Programs

Every HYIP has an affiliate program. Actually, it is the main thing for it – to attract new people into the pyramid. It is possible to earn on this wonderful prospect, and earn well, if to know how. About this below.

We can see an offer of referral interest rates on each first banner of the HYIP.

Referral earnings are often equal or even bigger than what you can earn just by investing in the investment program. So, it is possible to have a good profit even without investing.

The top class earning on affiliate programs is full-fledged websites: forums and monitorings, such as the site where you are reading a blog. It is not available to all, and the article is not about that. Today we’ll talk about how to start making money on HYIPs from scratch. Or almost from scratch, because the level of earnings will depend on your performance, or on the actions of people and web services that you delegate some of the actions.

Posting on Forums

Today we will consider only one option – posting on specialized forums, but this is only the beginning!

learn-from-the-pros - Making Money on HYIPs from Scratch. Affiliate Programs

Method One: Program Preview. There are hundreds of forums with HYIP branches (it’s only in English, but there are more regional). Most forums are described in our catalog. Topics describing an investment project often involve tens of thousands of views on the major ones and hundreds on the unimportant. There is a simple arithmetic: 100-200 views bring 10 registrations by a referral link, i.e. 2-3 deposits. So every hundredth person who sees your preview will bring you money by clicking on the referral link.

This link can be obtained by registering in the investment program and going to the affiliate section. There you can usually get the promotional material and subsequently see the statistics of visits and order your commissions to be paid.

You can see the preview format on the forums in the appropriate sections. Usually it is the project name in the title and description of its activities and investment plans in a report. All this information is available on the official website of the HYIP.

There are some nuances that we will consider in the next article …
As you know, here is the whole point. Most forums ban referral links in previews, users cut (out of greed and stupidity) referral links up to a domain name or simply search the name in the browser. But we know how to get around.

This is simple because announcements of new programs appear first on the major forums (top list). Administrators are sure not to get to small forums in the early days. If you know any languages other than English, it is also worth looking at the latter and making an announcement.

Even if the forum administration makes their official topic or replace your ref-link with their own, there is a high probability that the forum admin will sign up under your ref-link. In order to facilitate him the task, we will disguise our link not as just redirector but as redirector through the second level domain name. It’s free!

To register such a link, go to this wonderful service freenom.com and register a free domain name, the domain name is fully consistent with the program. No one will pay attention that the domain will end with .cf or .ml or somehow. All have got used that referral links have a “long tail” after the domain name, or are cut through the redirector like goo.gl. It is possible to redirect domain on FreeNom right during registration.

What works on forums is as well suitable to large thematic communities on social networks. In addition, it is possible to start “official” groups or pages of the program, as well as give your ref-link in the description. People often look for the HYIP name or domain name on social networks. Do not forget to mention them in the community description. The content for such a community can be news from the program site, and the description — just copy-paste from the site.

learn-from-the-pros - Making Money on HYIPs from Scratch. Affiliate ProgramsNotes: In order to prepare a nice post on the forums, you can use this app (for Windows). forum.ml. By the way, pay attention to the link  — this is a clear demonstration of how the redirection through the domain works.

If the HYIP has already had a widely promoted group on Facebook, which is quite rare today, publish screenshots of the payments from it, naturally, with your ref-link. Admins will not remove such content.

Publication of screenshots in official HYIP topics on major forums will also attract more attention to your records than to blunt copy-paste texts. You can tell in a few words and figures how much you have earned from this program in a note to the picture published.

P.S. You can also see my article “Affiliate Programs from HYIPs
 on the topic.

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