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How To Milk HYIPs: Security At Working With E-Currencies

how-to-milk-hyips - How To Milk HYIPs: Security At Working With E-Currencies

This is the part 6 of the “How To Milk HYIPs” article. Read the part 5.

Do not skip this section! It is really necessary to know, otherwise you can lose time and money because of your own negligence!

Besides, payment systems may unexpectedly shut down, as it was the case with E-Gold, e-Bullion, and dozens of smaller players in this market, their money can be lost overnight.

how-to-milk-hyips - How To Milk HYIPs: Security At Working With E-Currencies

We know that safety is always behind attacks and there is always the chance of your passwords to e-wallets being stolen, even if you have installed the latest version of anti-virus and firewall and your confidential data are encrypted.

Nobody will forgive himself if he lost money because of his own stupidity!

Let’s consider the basic rules of network security:

Don’t browse in dumps and do not look for anything for free!
  • The easiest way to give your money to fraudsters is to download and run something free. So you get a Trojan in the computer.
  • The greatest number of infected computers occurs while going to porn sites. It is there where the millions of people who want free lunch roam. Virus installers work in bulk.
  • Do not use the standard browsers.
This rule may seem strange, but it is there where weak points are being sought for. As we read earlier — botovods like mass.
  • The easiest way to make your PC accessible from the Internet is a physical access to it. Do not leave your computer unattended. Understand this item to the best of your own immorality and ingenuity. Protect your records with passwords. While leaving, press WinKey + L. Set a password on the screen-saver.
  • Operating system, antivirus software and firewall must be of the latest version.
Patches are released for a reason. They are launched after discovering the vulnerability of the operating system or other programs. Protection is always behind the attack ☺.

Conclusions: A little paranoia cannot hurt.

Continue to the Part 7.

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