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Poker Automatics (SCAM!) Review

hyip-scams - Poker Automatics (SCAM!) Review

Poker Automatics is a long-term HYIP with the yield of 12 to 24% per month, which varies depending on the chosen investment plan. The HYIP was launched in 2014, and like many low-interest programs it could be a long-running project. Systematic upgrade of the Poker Automatics, tariff plans, the HYIP technical part, proper promotion, a convincing legend show the Poker Automatics is designed for a long-term work. For now, let’s move on to the analysis of the HYIP. You will have no time to get bored.:)

hyip-scams - Poker Automatics (SCAM!) Review


Good clothes open all doors. So, we will start with a calling card of any HYIP — a website design. The Poker Automatics site design deserves 5 of 5 stars. This high-quality site has a clear, crisp, uncluttered layout and provides complete information you need to know to invest in the HYIP and earn money on its affiliate program.

hyip-scams - Poker Automatics (SCAM!) Review

Accessibility of the financial statistics, various social networking accounts, strong media support, video reviews and positive customer feedbacks inspire confidence. The HYIP is now available in five languages, i.e., English, Spanish, Russian, German, and Indonesian.

General info

Don’t think that a HYIP legend is bla bla bla about the methods of earnings of an investment project. It is one of the indicators of the program quality. According the legend, Poker Automatics makes money from online poker via its network of poker bots. Currently Poker Automatics operates 784 active poker accounts in the biggest online poker rooms, such as PokerStars, 888 Poker, PartyPoker, Microgaming Network, Winning Poker Network, Ongame Network, iPoker Network, Merge Gaming Network. ‘You don’t need any experience or skill to play poker. Forget about risks! And entrust money management to… robots!’ the website encourages. In general, the legend looks very convincing. Thanks God and the admin, there is no old song about earnings on Forex or uncle Sam inheritance!:)

Investment Plans

As I already noted, Poker Automatics is a long-term HYIP with the yield of 12 to 24% per month, which varies depending on the chosen investment plan (deposit level). But before considering the Poker Automatics investment plans, let us look at their main features to see the forest, not just the trees, so to speak.

You get profit 7 days a week.

You can withdraw your profit on working days (except weekends).

You can withdraw your initial Deposit at the end of Deposit term.

Or you can create another Deposit from balance.

You can create as many Deposits as you want at the same time (on one or different Levels).

The minimum deposit amount is 30 USD (0.1 BTC, 1500 RUB).

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 USD (0.001 BTC, 500 RUB, 10 WMZ).

The details of each of the seven investment plans are presented in the table below.

hyip-scams - Poker Automatics (SCAM!) Review

For example, let’s calculate the profit earned on the Deposit Level 3:

The amount of your deposit is $1000 (Level 3)

Current day profit is 2% = $20

Your share of profits is 60%

Your current day profit is $12 (20×60%)

To simplify accounting of costs and profits you can use Investment Calculator on the site.

Payment Processors

Poker Automatics works with the most reliable HYIP payment processors: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer (BankWire, VISA/MC, Liqpay, W1), SolidTrustPay, NixMoney, OKPAY, Yandex.Money, Webmoney, QIWI, Advanced Cash (BankWire, Paxum, eCoin).

Affiliate Program

Poker Automatics allows you not only to earn on investment, but to make money on a 3-tier affiliate program. You will get up to 5% rewards from your referral’s Deposit amount, as well as up to 10% from your referral’s profit.

Domain and Technical Details

Domain and Technical Details of the site instill confidence. The site uses a good hosting server, SSL certificate and is well ddos protected.

Domain Name: POKERAM.COM

Registration Expiration Date: Jan 22, 2030.

Registrar: Internet.bs Corp.

Poker Automatics website is ddos protected by DDoS-Guard.net.

Customer Support

Poker Automatics Service team are always on hand to help you. You can get in touch with them via contact form, Skype chat, or e-mail. The HYIP has profiles in Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, VKontakte, Twitter, as well as a channel on YouTube, which has more than two dozen video tutorials.

And, of course, do not neglect FAQ section where most of your commonly asked questions must have already been answered. If you’re just starting out, please go through their FAQ section before contact with support.

The program  is well-advertised on HYIP monitors, well-known HYIP forums, in social networks. Many articles, reviews and interviews are devoted to the HYIP.


Poker Automatics is a classic example of my favorite type of HYIP — long-term HYIP with lower interest plans. Reasonable, achievable levels of interest, minimum initial deposit allow investors to earn good money. The program offers sustainable investment plans with good management of the site. It seems that it is a high-quality, long-lived program, managed by the webmaster who focuses on a long-term work of the project.

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