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How to Read HYIP Monitor Buttons (Part 19)

Let us now examine in greater detail “the Monitoring buttons” that you can find in sections “Rating” and “monitoring” on HYIP sites.
how-to-milk-hyips - How to Read HYIP Monitor Buttons (Part 19)

This post is part of Free Guide to Investing in HYIPs. Click here to read the previous article.

Let’s examine in greater detail Monitoring buttons that you can find in sections “Rating” and “monitoring” on HYIP sites.

how-to-milk-hyips - How to Read HYIP Monitor Buttons (Part 19)• The name of the monitoring site

• The name of the HYIP program

• The status of payments: possible options:

                    “Waiting”. The site expects first payments in the HYIP.

                     “Paying”. The site receives the promised interest from the program in time.

                     “Not paying”  Monitoring site does not receive payments from the HYIP.
                    “Problems” This is a sign that soon this HYIP program is going to the list of scams.

Life Time: the number of HYIP operating days.

Monitored: the number of days during which the HYIP program is listed on the monitoring site.

Type: the HYIP current status on the monitoring site.

Investment: the amount invested by the monitoring site in the HYIP.
 Sometimes you can see quite a large sum. How is it possible? Whenever an investment plan reaches the final date and the HYIP returns the originally invested capital onto the investor’s account, the monitoring site reinvests this very money. That is, in fact, it makes up the total sum of reinvestment from the same first investments.

Payout Ratio: the percentage ratio between the total amount of payments which the monitoring site has got and the amount specified in the “investments”. If the share of payments is less than 100%, it means that the monitoring site has not returned its so-called “initial investments” yet. If it is above 100%, the monitoring site has got profit from the investment. Keep in mind that the share of payments on this site usually involves affiliate commission as well!

Forum Posts: if the monitoring site has a forum, then this number corresponds to the number of comments on this HYIP program.

Total Votes: each monitoring site allows users / investors to vote for each HYIP. You will learn more information further from this blog.

User Rating: usually, this is usually the percentage ratio (maximum 100%) or a numeric rating value (can be more than 100) based on investors’ preferences expressed by voting. Important: as it has been previously mentioned, there may be pseudo-votes on the web sites, which are made by promoters to create a favorable image of HYIPs.

Last Payout: the day when the last payment from this HYIP program was received.

how-to-milk-hyips - How to Read HYIP Monitor Buttons (Part 19)The more trustworthy are the data on the HYIP site, the better. This means that the program administrator has invested money (as we have seen it in the list of the monitoring site), and wants, at least, to bring it back. That is, all this gives us an idea of the program potential.

To be continued. Watch out for updates in the blog!;)


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