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How to Read HYIP Reviews (Part 1)

how-to-milk-hyips - How to Read HYIP Reviews (Part 1)

This post is part of Free Guide to Investing in HYIPs. Click here to read the previous article.

Let us now analyze the information we can find on the monitoring sites in the section “program review” of any HYIP. As always, we’ll use a fictitious program, but including all the information that you can normally see on these sites.

how-to-milk-hyips - How to Read HYIP Reviews (Part 1)

• The name of the HYIP program.
• The status of payments: possible options:
“Waiting”. The site expects first payments in the HYIP.
“Paying”. The site receives the promised interest from the program in time.
“Not paying”  Monitoring site does not receive payments from the HYIP.

“Problems” This is a sign that soon this HYIP program is going to the list of scams.

• Our Investment: the amount invested by the monitoring site in the HYIP
 Sometimes you can see quite a large sum. How is it possible? Whenever an investment plan reaches the final date and the HYIP returns the originally invested capital onto the investor’s account, the monitoring site reinvests this very money. That is, in fact, it makes up the total sum of reinvestment from the same first investments.

• Payout Ratio: the percentage ratio between the total amount of payments which the monitoring site has got and the amount specified in the “investments”. If the share of payments is less than 100%, it means that the monitoring site has not returned its so-called “initial investments” yet. If it is above 100%, the monitoring site has got profit from the investment. Keep in mind that the share of payments on this site usually involves affiliate commission as well!

• Pay out stats: if you click on this phrase, then you will see a list of all payments that the monitoring site has got since the HYIP opening.

• Program Details: If you click on this phrase, then you get more information about various investment plans offered by the HYIP, as well as a brief presentation of the program activity.
• Program News: the number of published news releases. Some monitoring sites introduced another one, in which the administrator HYIP can post news about his program.

• Claim Cashback: With this function you are enabled to claim for a part of the affiliate commissions, earned by the monitoring site from your investments. Of course, this is only possible if you invest money in the HYIP via the links on this website.

For example, you invested $ 100 in a HYIP via the link on the site. If the program pays a referral commission of 3%, the site receives $ 3. If the monitoring site offers 2% return, then you can ask for $ 2 refund. That is one of your extra incomes in addition to the interest that you receive from the HYIP administrator. This also concerns all reinvestments that you make in a particular program.

Why should the monitoring site do something like that? As it has been mentioned above, it is essential for this site to get the best rating among sites, as this will help to increase the revenue from entrance fees and the sale of advertising space. For the rating to be high, more visitors should also be attracted to the site. That is why many monitoring sites make such a gift to their visitors.

• Investment plans section describes all investment programs of a HYIP.

• Minimum deposit (Minimal Spend): the minimum amount for investment in that
case – $ 10.

• Maximum deposit (Maximal Spend): the maximum amount of money that the HYIP administrator can take from an investor. Always double check the figure with the investment rules in the program.

• Referral: the percentage of commission fees, which is paid by the HYIP administrator to partners when new investors’ deposits come through their link.
• Cashback: the percentage of the refund to the investor by the administrator of the monitoring site. The same explanation as for the item “claim for a refund.”
• Withdrawal: payment methods through which an investor can get his interest.

The information does not always give exact details of the refund procedure of this or that HYIP.

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