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Revelation from Admin of Scammed HYIP

be-in-the-loop - Revelation from Admin of Scammed HYIP

It is no big secret that a high number of HYIPs are Ponzi schemes. It is only natural that a few of HYIP admins get in touch with investors after a HYIP scam. One exception to this has been InvEx.org admins. After the HYIP has been scammed, the investors received an e-mail in which InvEx.org admins disclosed fraud scheme details. What is true and what is empty chatter, you decide. If you still do not read this email, it is necessary to read. What is true and what is not out of it, let everyone decides for himself.

be-in-the-loop - Revelation from Admin of Scammed HYIP
Dear Invex Ltd. Players,

This is a long message and will be the last news you will hear from us…
until we open our next HYIP. We want, kindly, recommend you stop losing your time by looking after us. Anyway, for the cyber detectives, here is how we worked.

1- The basis is having 100% false ID documents. For $200 you get a really
nice looking pack of documents, even nicer than legal ones

2- We rented a nice apartment with fast internet in a nice city near the
sea, with false documents. We then bought a new desktop computer and a new
laptop, installed some fresh programs.

3- We opened a bank account with false documents, put some cash on the
account, and got a nice true debit card.

4- We opened e-gold accounts and funded them from the bank account above.

5- A bit later we opened e-bullion accounts, funded by… you, idiots who

OK? Now we have e-gold, internet, a place to sleep, eat etc, all without
possibility to track us. A major question was “Must we open a real company”.
We decided that NO, as people are so stupid that they believe all what they
read. And you know what? It is true Invex Ltd. and Lomax Group Corp. are
pure fantasy

Okay, let’s go to work now!

1- Opening a domain name and booking a server at the katzglobal scammers’
best place, paying with e-gold.

2- Later, booking a dedicated server and paying with… the debit card
coming from the bank account above

3- Renting Prolexic, and paying them by bank transfers from…. an e-gold
exchanger The gold came from YOU idiots who “invested” !

To specialists who want to track us by the IP addresses, we kindly recommend
you to use Google and look at JAP, Freenet, I2P, TORR, etc.
You will understand that our IP come from anywhere in the world, beeing

chained between servers who cannot track them.
And even if so, the last IP address, the place where we lived, was this nice
appartment near the sea, that we left some weeks ago Oh, the computers were
given to a charity, after the hard disks were physically deleted

Other pros say “Let’s track the money”! Great idea, but don’t forget that
even the bastard muslim terrorists cannot be tracked by the special services

How did we withdraw all your nice donations? That’s easy, thanks to mygcard
who supplied us hundreds of anonymous debit cards that our friedns and us
used in various countries! Alain Vignard from mygcard received $20.000 cash
in hands for helping us to find the ATM with no “$800/day limits”, and
telling us how to use the cards at the best. Well, Alain tried to scam us
later, but that is another story

We also used bank transfers from the best exchangers, who have no problem at
all sending $100,000 or $200,000 every 3 days to bank accounts in Panama,
the BVI, etc Nice offshore places outside the EU and the US Track the
money there, dear friends!

Oh, about exchangers, we worked with one of them from Australia, and where a
bit afraid at the beginning, as he wrote on his website that he “verifies
ALL data” from his clients. LOL ! His fee is 2%, we kindly offered him 2%
more “to preserve our privacy” Look at our dialogue by email:

– HIM: 2% more is a good offer, but is your gold clean? We don’t want to
work with scammers.

– US: Of course, what are you thinking? We are honest businessmen and just
want to keep a low profile.

– HIM: OK, i can see you are not scammers, just send me the gold and 4% fee
instead of the regular 2%.

Thank you mister G. ))

As I am in a very good mood, I will also explain you something: Most of the
biggest HYIP are run by us, a professional team. And when other scammers try

to enter our market, BING! If they are interesting people we try to buy
them, if not DDOS attacks make them shutdown To be sure our rating is the
best one, we also pay the admins of a few monitoring programs, including the
biggest and “most reliable” (LOOOOL) one!

Our business is to make money. We use 20% of the money we get to help poor
and disabled people around each of us, 20% other is given to some
“political” associations that fight against ISLAM (Hey guys from the
Emirates, Bahrein, Kuwait, etc etc, did you read this? THANK YOU , and the
balance is for us.

We have currently a dozen of HYIP running, are going to close some of them,
and of course to open new ones! We are working like this since a few years,
and all is working fine!

But you know, it IS possible to make profit from HYIP: Just do it QUICKLY!
Look: [email protected] made $6,580 profit with us, including the
commissions they got by sending YOU IDIOTS, to Invex. These people are
really scumbags: They are making profit by making you lose!

As a clever guy told in some forum, “there were no guarantees, so no need to
cry”. YEP! We NEVER gave any guarantee to ANYBODY (unless Titanium plans,
and you should notice that THESE guys do NOT cry on your forum, try to guess
why…!), we even recommended those who ask for guarantees to go to their
local bank They didn’t? THEIR CHOICE!

When reading your forum and others, we really laugh! So, most of you were
already scammed by other HYIP? By our HYIP maybe Anyway, it seems that you
don’t understand what a teenager is able to understand! So, you continue to
“invest” here and there, and that is good… FOR US! For you, I am not sure
When I see a GREAT SPECIALIST, the “Andrewunknown”, proudly saying that he

lost $40,000 into Invex but that he will recover from other HYIP, WE ARE
LAUGHING, FALLING FROM OUR CHAIRS )))) Moreover in his list of “no ponzi”,
LOL, some of them are from us ))))

Now some personal messages:

[email protected] threatened us to send “the FBI and the CIA against us”
) better you keep your energy to work and recover your $600 ONLY that you
sent us, than saying such BS )))

– “AROBASE”, “LUCIEN”, “IGOR”: YOU will be refunded partially, we contacted
you some hours ago.

– “vanderschalk-group” is a clever guy: He made about $45k profit from Invex

– “ANATOLI” is the best one: he made about $170k profit from Invex, even
with what we kept from him when we closed!

– lewisfargo, caro, anhvn06, ydna, janhkok, profitondemand, HIPsyD, promax,
brewmanau, adtype13sg, , Johnnyslide, etc etc are also in big profit
(Between $10k and $50k) from Invex.

Feel free to find and contact them to ask to share ))

Well that’s all, folks! We are anyway in touch with a few of you through
other HYIP, under other names of course! Good luck

Renaud, Kathy, Oliver, David.

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