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Top Five HYIP-admin’s Nightmares

learn-from-the-pros - Top Five HYIP-admin’s Nightmares

Despite the fact that the HYIP creation can bring you a lot of money, you may face some difficulties. Here are 6 basic nightmares that you as HYIP-admin can expect.

learn-from-the-pros - Top Five HYIP-admin’s Nightmares


Blackmail is the first nightmare, which HYIP-admin has to face as soon he launches the project. And absolutely no matter how good the project is: it may be done by a left-handed schoolboy without any logic in texts and plans, or it may be done by a super-duper team and include all (known only to professionals) HYIP —

HYIP-admin will get a tremendous amount of blackmailing letters from unknown (and known) sources, forcing him to accept their offer. A blackmailer can offer a HYIP owner to buy a list containing thousands of names of people who are involved in the HYIP industry. This list represents e-mail addresses of former investors of the failed HYIP.

The HYIP owner should buy this e-mail list for $ 50, sometimes a little more. If the HYIP owner refuses this offer, a blackmailer threatens to spam each address from the address list of the HYIP site in the subject line; of course, that those who receive spam will complain the host. The outcome is easy to predict – the hosting provider will close the HYIP site.

Sometimes the blackmailer makes the HYIP-admin buy his services which are to provide fake positive votes on the monitors and fake paid posters positions on HYIP-forums. The blackmailer will require a fee of $ 150 or more for this “service.” However, if the HYIP admin refuses to accept his offer, the blackmailer threatens to do exactly the opposite – to provide false negative votes on the monitors and fake posts like “This is —
 a scam! ” on HYIP-forums.


DDoS-attacks are another nightmare that does not let the HYIP-admin sleep from the start of the project. When the HYIP site is under DDoS-attacks, certainly, the site is available under no circumstances. Naturally, the existing parties that do not find the site online, will go panic and think that the HYIP «ran away» and will share this information on the forums / blogs / HYIP monitors. As a result, people will stay away from this HYIP, and the HYIP-admin will lose more future potential participants because of this unexpected downtime.

There is a so-called conspiracy theory: people who DDoS-attack HYIP -sites are the same people or companies that then come to the foreground, and provide protection against most of these DDoS-attacks. Nevertheless, there is still no conclusive evidence to support this theory, and perhaps it is just a rumor. And sometimes, it is an occasion for the blackmailer, which requires money, and if the HYIP-admin refuses to pay him, he will start DDoS-attack.

The HYIP-site owner who is under DDoS-attack can certainly try to move to another hosting. But the host change is unlikely to help. The HYIP owner should first think about how to prevent the DDoS-attack, placing the site on a dedicated server with protection from DDoS-attacks.


The third nightmare for any HYIP admin is his site being hacked. If your HYIP website is hacked, it can cause its infection with various malware. Your HYIP script can be crippled and databases can be spoiled. The hacker can change any details, files, MySQL, and anything he wants, of course, in his favor. He can change the account numbers of EPS (Electronic payment system) participants so that when the HYIP-admin makes the payment, money will go to the account of EPS attacker without informing the admin, of course.

The hacker might get confidential information and full control of the HYIP-site for any purpose. He can edit, delete, or upload any files to the HYIP web server. In addition, he may set any virus on the HYIP-site and gain access not only to the computer of the HYIP-owner, but also to the project participants.

Hacking, this problem, can certainly do harm to your HYIP. This can ruin the HYIP reputation in particular and the whole project generally. Your HYIP can lose money if the hacker transfers all the funds on his own account, and as a result your HYIP will not have enough funds to continue making payments.

Blocking eWallets

The next nightmare for any HYIP owner is HYIP accounts in electronic currency being blocked by the electronic payment systems. Any (!) HYIP-project may suddenly discover that its e-currency accounts are blocked on false charges, out of malice or mischief. Accounts of any HYIP can be locked only on suspicion of fraud. Any false accusation can be made by either blackmailers or competitors, or other HYIP-admins.

So, if your account in EPS is blocked, you cannot receive new incoming funds. If your HYIP stops getting more money, your HYIP will have big trouble, since it will be quite difficult for you to “turn” existing funds and make timely payments.

You must resolve this problem, contacting EPS customer support and do all that you will be asked to unlock your HYIP-account. (Depositors are advised not to forget that in the majority of EPS accepting money from HYIP can lead to blocking your own account).

Communication with Investors

When people learn the HYIP before depositing in it, it makes almost every HYIP-admin panic. Potential investors will check the information about the HYIP-owner, they will try to call the phone number, if it is available; verify the existence of the address; ask the HYIP admin for identification, and so on. In this situation the HYIP admin is torn between the desire to tell the truth or lie. Most often he even tries to make a comprehensive FAQ. However, if he tells the truth, people understand that he’s going to deceive them sooner or later; If he lies, just a few will know that the HYIP will soon disappear from the Internet.

It is ironic, but most admins are honest by nature and do not want to cheat, it just happens. And, it seems, It is we – depositors who help them in this.

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