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How to Work with Information from HYIP Forums

how-to-milk-hyips - How to Work with Information from HYIP Forums

Hi! Let’s continue to study and actively review criteria for analysis of a HYIP. This post covers a work with information from HYIP forums.

Forums are a very important source of information. As mentioned above, the launch of new HYIP programs are often announced on the forums. In addition, you can find them a lot of useful information about already existing HYIP. Investors can share experiences about a particular project or investing money in general.
how-to-milk-hyips - How to Work with Information from HYIP Forums

Some experienced HYIP investors give free knowledge, screens spread income, etc. Often, the board administrator himself takes part in discussions in order to inform and convince more investors to invest in this or that program

However, be careful in the following:

• Always start reading the latest, most updated comments. It seems to me perfectly logical.

• If the HYIP administrator constantly spends his time taking part in discussions, there is a logical question: when is he dealing with the business? This means that he is making more efforts to raise capital to the program and not to invest in it! Always analyze such actions!

• Some people (so-called “promoters”) act on behalf of the HYIP administrator by placing pragmas or counterfeit certificates of payments to show a positive (but false) reputation / image of a particular program. They are paid for a number of comments on the forum. However, after reading several different discussions on forums about a certain HYIP, you are sure to notice that it is written by one person, since all will have his name and the same comment. Fortunately, administrators start to block such users, finding out their IP address, email or name. After the identification there will be the inscription “BAN” (Banned), ie “Blocked” near each such visitor’s name. Typically, administrators’ comments are neutral.

• You can distinguish experienced users on a forum by the number of their comments placed on the forum. Their number is indicated next to or below their names.

• Also be careful when investors try to convince you to invest in the HYIP, the link to the site of which is put in the comments. Most often, it is an affiliate link. This means that if you use this URL, and then begin to invest in this program, the partner will receive a commission from your deposit. It is not always “bad” or wrong, but it can prevent the comment from being neutral. It would be much better to use an affiliate link to a HYIP monitoring website. Why? Look at the paragraph “refund” in the chapter on monitoring.

• a lot of positive comments about this or that HYIP look quite reassuringly. However, pay attention to the negative comments, as well as investors’ reactions to them!

• Do you notice that some negative comments are removed? Sometimes administrators do this as negative comments can be disadvantageous! This is a very alarming sign! By the way, negative comments may be posted by administrators of other HYIPs to tarnish the reputation of the competitors!

• Carefully study evidence of payments presented on the forum. As it has already been mentioned, they are most often placed by promoters who are paid by HYIPs. Evidence, such as “Payment received. Thank you, administrator!” without any proof can hardly be considered real. The most reliable are those that have transaction details (number, date, amount, etc.).

• It is much better if the transaction’s screenshot is shown within the account. Reliable investors do not place screens on more than 1-2 forums. If you see them on 4, 5, and even more resources, then they are probably placed by promoters! Also look carefully at the paid money. If you see just a few dollars earned in the screenshot below, it is possible that this HYIP rarely / never pays large sums of money. Of course, this cannot but cause concern!

how-to-milk-hyips - How to Work with Information from HYIP ForumsImportant advice:
 Do not limit your analysis to just one forum, but always check a number of reliable forums to better form an opinion about a particular HYIP.

Some HYIPs have a private forum on their website. Do not pay much attention to such a resource, as you are unlikely to see a neutral point of view.

 I am sure that now you understand how careful you need to be when evaluating comments on forums. Gradually you’ll gain experience and will know exactly what you need.

To be continued. Watch out for updates in the blog!;)

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