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HYIP Myths and Legends

learn-from-the-pros - HYIP Myths and Legends

Almost all HYIPs have invented activities for which the project makes crazy interest. The main admin’s goal is to throw dust in eyes, make believe in the legend. However, 99.99% of HYIPs pay interest from the depositors’ money. Perhaps 1 in 10,000 HYIPs is really involved in something, but it’s incredibly rare. So, let’s look at the main HYIP legends.

learn-from-the-pros - HYIP Myths and Legends


It is impossible to earn such huge interest in the Forex market and every day to pay 1-5% per day to investors. So HYIP admins must earn even more, they cannot simply give all to you.


Rates are the second popular theme. It is quite a nice legend. Certainly, one can make money on it. The problem is that administrators do not know how to do it. they are not good at sports, do not have  insider dealings about fixed matches, even if they bet really, they will lose all the money.

Money loans or micro-credits 

Microcrediting is also a very popular legend. You invest money, and the administrator gives it to someone at high interest rates. Think, where will there be people who are willing to take money under the crazy interest to pay you even 1% per day? Admins have to recoup the costs on offices, employees, taxes, etc. That is, they must give money at almost 5-10% per day. And how many borrowers do not return the money? But the project you must constantly pay but why and how?


There are various projects devoted to Dubai: car rent, real estate, tourism. It is a fashionable trend. Here everything is clear. Why should the admin pay you if he can just go to the bank and take a loan? It will be much cheaper. Even if he pays 1%to an investor every day, it turns out 30% per month. To take a loan is much cheaper.

Social projects

They have a different feature. Mutual-aid funds have no legends. You are said that they will pay you interest on the money of new investors. To look very cool and successful funds carry out grandiose events, free food, abroad traveling. The best con men are given cars, apartments, iPhones for your money. And all these things make the chance of the project going scam faster, as they waste out cash.

Once the scam happens, start they tell tales about the restart. Now everyone will probably earn a lot, just bring more money, or wait until we return in a year when there will be enough new participants. You are sure to get nothing! Once you are lost, and it’s enough never to be fooled by restarts! This will only lead you to even greater losses.

What to do?

Do not be fooled! Do not lose vigilance, do not trust myths and legends. never even trust more than 10-15% of the portfolio to super projects. Try to invest as much as possible in a larger number of the best HYIPs, ideally 10 projects with 10% each.

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