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Yieldfinance Limited (SCAM!) Review

Yieldfinance Limited
Yieldfinance is a short- and mid-term HYIP with the return up to 45% monthly. Launched on April 17, 2016, the HYIP has a reliable technical part, wide variety of tariff plans, a quality site design, a convincing legend. But, of cause, it is not time for us to relax: HYIPs exist as long as admins decide. If you have understood this for yourself, then we can go to the other factors and features of the HYIP.

Website. The Yieldfinance Limited website has a classic design that could serve as an example for HYIP admins and deserves 4,5 of 5 stars. The site has a clear, crisp, uncluttered layout. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to invest in the HYIP. What is lacking is Live Chat for getting in touch with Customer Support. The website is available only in English.

hyip-scams - Yieldfinance Limited (SCAM!) Review

hyip-scams - Yieldfinance Limited (SCAM!) Review

General Info. So, what is the source of the money the HYIP pays? According the website, ‘Yield Finance Limited is a long term high yield private loan program, backed up by Forex market trading and investing in various funds and activities. Profits from these investments are used to enhance the HYIP and increase its stability for the long term’. As can be seen, the admin offers the same old story about good old Forex trading.

Investment plans. Currently, the HYIP has 9 investment program with variable payouts:

  • 0.30% Daily For 365 Days: Deposit $10.00 – $10000.00, Daily Profit 0.30%
  • 112% After 1 Day: Daily Profit 102.00 —112.00%, depending on initial deposit (Min. deposit is $10.00)
  • 250% After 3 Days: Profit 107-250%, depending on initial deposit (Min. deposit is $10.00)
  • 540% After 7 Days: Profit 115-540%, depending on initial deposit (Min. deposit is $10.00)
  • 1170% After 15 Days: Profit 132-1170%, depending on initial deposit (Min. deposit is $50.00)
  • 2200% After 30 Days: Profit 170-2200%, depending on initial deposit (Min. deposit is $100.00)
  • 4500% After 60 Days: Profit 250-4500%, depending on initial deposit (Min. deposit is $100.00)
  • 10% Daily for 45 Days: Daily Profit 10.00%, deposit amount — $5000,00 —$30000.00
  • 15% Daily for 90 days: Daily Profit 15.00%, initial deposit is $10000.00 – $60000.00

The detailed terms of all plans you can find in your Yieldfinance.net account (Members Area) on “Your deposits” page. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit.

To simplify accounting of costs and profits you can use investment calculator on the HYIP website. Take into account, to find out your return from the chosen investment plan you must deduct your initial deposit from the amount calculated via the website.

hyip-scams - Yieldfinance Limited (SCAM!) Review

Affiliate program. The investments plans are supplemented by a Five-tier Affiliate Program with up to 10% rewards from deposit. To take a part in affiliate program of Yield Finance Limited you only should register, you can even not have your own deposit to attract investors and earn extra.

Technical and Domain Details. There are no ‘weakest links’ in technical and domain details of the HYIP. The site uses a good hosting server, SSL certificate and is well DDos protected.


Updated Date: 17-apr-2016

Creation Date: 28-apr-2014

Expiration Date: 28-apr-2017

Hosting: Black Lotus Communications

SSL certificate is provided by Comodo Inc.

Payment Processors. The HYIP accepts Perect Money, Payeer , Bitcoin. Funds are usually available within 12 business hours.

Support. You can get in touch with Support Team via contact form, e-mail or by phone. FAQ section is also for your service.

Yield Finance Limited is a short- and mid-term HYIP with high-quality site, reliable technical part, active promotion, convincing legend, attractive tariff plans and generous affiliate reward. Yieldfinance.net may be a good choice for serious investors, as this HYIP offers flexible investment plans with good management of the website.


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