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Selectively Paying HYIPs

learn-from-the-pros - Selectively Paying HYIPs

We all know that HYIPs have the status of paying and not-paying. But there is a third option, which newbies of investment projects are not even aware. Experienced investors have dubbed it — selective payments, i.e. the type of payments under which the project creates an illusion of honest work. Selective status in the investment fund is regarded as a signal of the project inevitably turning into the scam.

Why to pay not to everybody?

Why should HYIP administrators seem to complicate their life by choosing whom to pay and whom not? The answer is simple – non the less important is greed, the possibility to grab as much as possible. The purpose of selective is to to keep a reserve and try to increase it due to new investments through all sorts of tricks and ploys. Subsequent payments are made manually and controlled by the administrator.

learn-from-the-pros - Selectively Paying HYIPs

Let’s consider a few basic options for selective payments:

Payments to monitors only

In case of investment fund scam, ordinary investors do not receive payments, but HYIPs pay  monitors. monitor administration receives payments, and continues to publish the paying status to the scammed project. A new player sees the status and due to his inexperience invests in a knowingly loss-making project. A similar situation can be found on the monitor which does not value its reputation and whose main goal is to make money.

Payments only to public figures

In case of investment fund scam, ordinary investors do not receive payments, but HYIPs pay  monitors, bloggers, influential forum participants, all investors whose logins or wallets known to the project administration. Thus it seems that the HYIP works fine, though it does not pay newbies. Taking into account the feedback from experienced investors, the HYIP administrator manages to build up a bank for 2-3 days’ time before full closure.

Payments to only ordinary investors

In case of the factual investment fund scam, big investors do not receive payments, but the HYIP pays participants with small deposits. The project works in a normal mode, all is paid to all except investors who have invested impressive sums. The administration blocks, deletes, or simply ceases to make payments to such participants. Sometimes there are few big depositors joining the project, and their complaints and feedback are lost in the mass of positive ones, allowing HYIPs to work and attract unsuspecting investors.

learn-from-the-pros - Selectively Paying HYIPsImportant advice: If you have seen selective status in any form, contribute to its disclosure. Leave a review or comment on the monitor, blog or forum. Do not be indifferent, and the next time it is you who will be helped.

Small life-hack
If you register under logins resembling any information and investment services (eg: monitorhyip, investorblog, etc.), you are likely to come under the criterion of a public person and in the case of selective status to receive payments.

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