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Top 10 Mistakes at Investing in HYIPs

learn-from-the-pros - Top 10 Mistakes at Investing in HYIPs

In this article we’ll look at the most common mistakes and troubles that HYIP investors faced and give some tips to avoid ones.

learn-from-the-pros - Top 10 Mistakes at Investing in HYIPs

Investing the money into one project. The most common mistake is to invest all your available money into one project. in fact, your portfolio should have at least 10 projects with 10% per each.

Believing in a legend. No matter how appealing a HYIP legend would seem, it is always a fake. There is no forex, car rental services, sports betting, etc. Think about it, what the point is to pay 2-5% per day if it is easier to go to the bank and take a loan of 10-20% per year.

Trusting long-living HYIPs. It is fundamentally wrong to consider that the longer a HYIP works, the safer it is. On the contrary, those benefit who are the first to enter the pyramid. But it is not necessary to hurry to get there, too. study the online reviews about the project first. You can enter a Hype, where there will be no payments at all! This happens too.

Delaying investing. Another extreme is to endlessly look closely to the project for months reading reviews about it.

Reinvestment. You’d better try to go to the HYIP only once. There are exceptions, but then you must have access to insider information and a lot of confidence in the project.

Relying on a single project. You must never rely on a single project. A newbie thinks that by investing $ 100 in a HYIP, he will secure a comfortable life until retirement. This is not true. At best, the HYIP will last six months or a year. Investing in HYIPs is work; you need to constantly look for new good projects to expand your portfolio.

Investing in high-interest HYIPs. If a HYIP promises more than 3-50% per day or, even worse, it is an hourly project with 5% payments per hour; such a project is to last 1-5 days. Strange as it may sound – the smaller the interest, the better.

Investing other people’s money in HYIPs. The greatest folly is to take a bank loan with 20% per year and hope to earn on this money. In this case, you are likely to remain without money and with the debt to the bank. Play on the funds that you can afford to lose.

Delaying with the money withdrawal. Never accumulate earnings on the account. Every minute is important, try to withdraw money as soon as possible.

Believing scammers. There are scammers who do business on referrals. To do this, they must constantly attract new investors into the HYIP, whose partners they are. Their main purpose is, by any means, to get you to invest in a project to receive a referral reward.

Do not become a HYIP “cashier”. A new fashion trend in the HYIP industry is to trust accepting deposits and paying interest to an investor. As a result, when the project gets scammed, it is the “cashier” who will get thousands of claims to court, as defrauded investors do not have any data on the HYIP admin. It is especially dangerous if you took the money to a bank account or a plastic card.

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