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How to Advertise HYIPs

learn-from-the-pros - How to Advertise HYIPs

It is not a secret for all investors whose interests lie in HYIP deposits that every HYIP exists and grows only at the expense of new investors. And for a project to last long, the flow of funds has to be substantially constant and increasing. That’s because financial obligations to pay grow every day, which means that funds for such payments should appear somewhere.

learn-from-the-pros - How to Advertise HYIPs

However promotion of any project should be smooth – a volume of investments should increase gradually. It is impermissible that large amounts are deposited at the start of the project – and after that, it would live for a long time. It just does not happen.

Investment flow is created and built up through advertising. At the initial stage it is always smaller than at the stage closer to the finish. But it is an integral part of the project development and promotion. It is important to understand where, when and what advertising can and should be bought.

HYIP types and advertising 

Conventionally, the project development can be divided into three stages:
1 Quiet start.
2 The beginning of an advertising campaign
3 Peak.

In case of low-interest HYIPs quiet start can last for months. In the average-yield, as a rule – for weeks. In fasts this period is often lowered, starting from the second step.from the beginning of the advertising campaign the development is naturally accelerated. Low-interest projects are not interested in fast passing of this stage; offered interest contributes to this in a way: people are not in a hurry, not seeing quick payback. The emergence of various advertising will be very stretched in time – up to six months, and ideally more. Mid-interest HYIPs stretch the active phase of promotion for a period of 2-3 months; Fasts – for 2-4 weeks. The purpose of this period is a gradual increase in both the number of investors and the deposit amounts.

Peak is the shortest stage of any project work. During this period, there is maximum coverage of advertising, all the possibilities being used. Typically, in this period, various tricks are applied to attract large deposits. Problems occur when the inflow ends and you have to pay interest for large deposits.

The development of any highly profitable project resembles a rolling snowball, which cannot be already stopped. So, at the start it will be well and correct for the project to remain invisible for most investors, when you are not immediately aware that there is a super admin, when there is no active promotion. Only in this case, the project has a chance to work for the given time. If there are big deposits in the project from the first days, it greatly reduces the working time. Large investment at the start of the project brings the project to the peak stage faster than necessary, as the admin will not be able to slow it down. At the start, it is better to sit quietly, but not everyone understands this.

With the launch of an advertising campaign a competent administrator tries to gradually increase the pace of promotion. If ads are purchased directly on all or most of the resources, it will inevitably initiate the investment peak when new funds are just nowhere.

At the peak only a few administrators decide to continue the project. This stage is, in any case, short.

Purchasing advertising

Large projects can afford to work without advertising at the initial stage. sometimes good performance and preparation evoke associations with past successful projects. And it plays into the hands, since the reputation of a good administrator can also be used as a way of promotion. The word of mouth works well.

initially weak projects repel investors with their outlooks, it is extremely difficult to get investors’ attention without advertising. And here comes the sad thing – advertising is purchased wherever it is possible, often at random. A big number of advertisements on monitors and little-known resources do not often justify the cost and only leads to the advertising budget waste. It is important to understand when and where to buy advertising.

Each new advertisement causes surge of investment which is gradually fading. After a certain number of days, projects need to remind about themselves again. You can go different ways, but the essence is the same: to keep constant attention to the project is to give food for discussions, such as, for example, improvement in personal account functions, obtaining official registration, opening offices, preparation of reports on activities as well as expensive commercials.

If the project does not involve significant changes, and news section is not provided, in principle, it is only a demonstration of the highest paid investment and profits, as well as a gradual increase in advertising costs that show some quality developments.

Thus, when buying advertising such things are important as good timing, regularity and the right choice of an advertising platform.

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