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International Reserve System (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - International Reserve System (SCAM) Review

International Reserve System is a unique investment project, which has all pre-conditions to become a hit in the category of HYIPs. The HYIP has aroused lively interest amongst investors long before its launching. This is not surprising as the project has attractive investment plans, realistic legend, high-quality website, reliable domain and technical details, and good marketing. International Reserve doesn’t promise mountains of gold, but provides investors with a reasonable return.

hyip-scams - International Reserve System (SCAM) Review

Website. As the official launch of the project is scheduled for August 21, the HYIP website is still under construction; although all investors can get an access to their personal Client Cabinet. Most likely the website design will be similar the design of this explanatory brochure. There is no doubt that the site will be highly commendable: clear and uncluttered site layout will provide full information needed for investing. Currently, International Reserve System has various social networking accounts, YouTube channel, strong media support, video reviews.

hyip-scams - International Reserve System (SCAM) Review

Investment plans. Now we are getting to the most important part of the review: International Reserve investment plans. The HYIP offers five types of mid- and long-term investment plans (packages) with the yield 20% per month. The project is already open for investment, and you can invest without waiting for the official launch.

To activate the account, you need to pay for one of the package. The initial cost of the package is converted into local currency Reserve Money (RM), which price is growing rapidly within 16.66-22% per month. Regarding the payment methods, International Reserve accepts only Bitcoin. You can withdraw your profit only once a week on Thursdays.

hyip-scams - International Reserve System (SCAM) Review

Technical Details. There are no grey areas or security vulnerability in technical details of the HYIP. The site uses EV SSL Certificate, a good hosting server, and is well DDos protected.

  • Handwritten script
  • Hosting and DDoS protection: CloudFlare
  • EV SSL Certificate (green bar) is provided by Comodo Inc.
  • Server: Hetzner

Affiliate program

Affiliate program rests on the principles of network marketing, which should ensure a constant influx of money into the project. The most successful affiliates can expect not only higher affiliate rewards but the gifts in the form of cars and real estate.

hyip-scams - International Reserve System (SCAM) Review

Support Service

Currently, Support Service is available only from an account on the site. You can get in touch with customer service via live-chat, contact form or e-mail.

International Reserve System is a new mid- and long-term HYIP which certainly deserves a lot of attention. Attractive tariff plans, competent promotion, reliable technical part, extensive affiliate program, and magnitude of the project speak in favor of this HYIP.

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    Looks like the site is still up and taking customers, is there an update? Not paying?


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