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The Main Signs of a Good HYIP

There is no clear instruction on choosing a HYIP. Otherwise, all would take it as a basis for enjoying a steady income without any extra effort. There is no such a thing. But there are basic features that indicate a promising project.
learn-from-the-pros - The Main Signs of a Good HYIP

There is no clear instruction on choosing a HYIP. Otherwise, all would take it as a basis for enjoying a steady income without any extra effort. There is no such a thing. But there are basic features that indicate a promising project.

learn-from-the-pros - The Main Signs of a Good HYIP

For each HYIP there is a minimum program, i.e. the gentlemen’s set, without which the normal functioning of the site is difficult to imagine. First of all, it is DDoS-protection and SSL. DDoS-protection guarantees that the project site is always available. SSL secures the transfer of your username and password.

If admins do not take care of it at creating projects — you can immediately forget about them. Well, if DDoS-protection and SSL are present, carefully study the project. When investing in HYIPs it is more important to come across scams less frequently than hit the bigger jackpot. Therefore, all the arguments will be made from the perspective of “what should scare you”. So, let’s begin.

  1. Marketing

The most interesting point is what profit interest is offered by a HYIP. The desire to get more draws you towards fasts, excessive caution – towards low-interest ones. But you need to consider forethought in making plans rather than profitability. It is bad when:

  • there are non-working plans, for example, with a minimum entry sum of $ 10 000 or more;
  • a plan with a large entry threshold offers a lower yield than plans for smaller amounts. As an option: the 1st plan – 10% in 3 days (for amounts from $ 1 to $ 500), 2nd plan – 15% after 6 days (for amounts from $ 501 to $ 1,000);
  • intersection of the entry sum plans, for example: at first the 1st plan accepts amounts from $ 10 to $ 100, the second – from $ 50 to $ 500;
  • too high interest rates (characteristic of fasts), for example, 20% daily for 10 days. There is another option, when new plans for average-interest projects are constantly added, and each time the interest being higher;
  • plans for low-, mid- and high-interest ones in the same HYIP: 2% for 10 days (deposit — at the end), 102.5% in a day (deposit included), 3.5% for 30 days (deposit included).

Some marketing errors do not critically affect the HYIP, such as non-working plans. Then it is necessary to consider other possible faults. But it is the presence of charging mathematics errors that is always very alarming.

2. Immunity to panic

Panic in the project may occur for various reasons. This may be a blank wallet profile, which must be necessarily specified for payments. This may be the payment system inaccessible for some time. For example, sometimes Perfect Money is out of service — for projects with instant payments it often ends with a scam. Also the black PR plays not the last role.

Whatever the reason for it the panic has a negative impact. And if a HYIP allows you to withdraw funds at any time — a wave of panic will quickly ruin the project. It is easy to raise a wave where there are instant or manual payments but with little regulation. The least immune to panic are projects with short plans (Fasts).

3. Legend

The concept of HYIP activity is mythical by default. Yet we cannot but pay attention to this. A well-thought legend backed by resemblance of activity at least is worth it. For HYIPs acting as a forex broker, it is reports on brokers’ trade; for HYIPs engaged in trade or services – photos of offices, products, licenses on the site. Naturally, all this is no more than a theatrical performance, but still the level of legends and their presenting determines the level of preparation. The presence of errors, both in texts and the legend should put you off. So do not be lazy to at least quickly look through “About us” section.

The presence of a video as part of a legend is not a cheap pleasure. Again, take a look if there are evident blunders in the video, do not fall for sweet slogans. Copied texts from other projects with similar descriptions are also a sign of a rough-and-ready HYIP. Today it is easy to check via search engines. It should be done before making a decision on a deposit.

4. Live support

In addition to the legend credibility it is worth evaluating the work of technical support, efficiency of these contacts on the site. Long response or lack of it is a big minus. The presence of template responses and inability to explain nuances are also disadvantages. There are different situations: money is not credited to the account, or there are problems with withdrawals. If support cannot help, it is there for the sake of box-checking. If non-working contacts (mail, phone, Skype) are given, so everything is clear. Decorations are present, but actors fail to appear.

5. Script

The project’s own script may require large investments from creators. but more often admins save on this. Details about prices on the script and design can be found in our article on HYIP scripts topic.Here we only note that even if you take the standard Gold Coders script or H-Script, it should be licensed at minimum. Check licenses on official websites selling these scripts. experienced investors look at the script and often give comments on forums and on blogs, if it is not licensed.

6. Design

It’s all very subjective. trite images are not welcomed — it becomes evident with experience. Also, you should be alerted at seeing design elements bunched together, too bright acid colors in the design, illogical menu. Simply put, if there are annoying moments at the first entry into the project, some of the buttons do not work, the interface is too complicated, there are all sorts of animation, due to which the website periodically freezes — it is better to omit it. Or, alternatively, look at it closer to see whether and how quickly deficiencies are corrected.

7. Verified wallet

Today it is easy to buy a wallet that has undergone through verification — everything is put on stream. And it does not cost that much. But administrators-beginners are prone to this. It doesn’t no matter whether they forget or save. The project wallet is usually seen when you create a deposit — pay attention to it. It also happens that admins use a verified wallet, but which was previously used in another project. If Trust Score is high for Perfect Money wallet from the very start of the project, it is a sign of it being used previously. Bitcoin-wallet number can show operations, and the amount already passed through the wallet.

The easiest option is to check data of any wallet in Yandex or Google. Investors permanently post payments — so you can immediately see which HYIP has used what wallet. It looks funny, but in such a way, admins disclose themselves, it is possible to understand what the latest project the admin had, and how it worked. In any case, the multiple reuse of the same wallet is a disadvantage.

8. Advertising

No project will live long unless there is active promotion in all possible directions from the start. By mistake newbie investors can assume that if a lot of advertising is bought, these investments need to be taken further back, so therefore the project will work for long. Yes, all costs need to be recouped. But we must understand that the period of work is not influenced by the number of ad banners on different monitors and blogs. It is the timeliness of their purchase that matters. With intensive promotion from the start there will be no place for a fresh inflow of investment – that is the verdict for any HYIP.

9. Affiliate Reward 

It is another element of promotion. It should be evaluated inseparably with the project marketing. In the first place, affiliate reward of more than 15% creates a large payment load on a project (especially in fasts), and secondly, all kind of partners are actively involved in advertising in the pursuit of profits, which could spoil the plans of any administrator. Standard affiliate comission is 7-10%. If the figure is higher, look at the profitability of the project. Too high yield in both plans and partnership remuneration should get you make specific conclusions.

10. The language option

Promotion of the project in new countries is one of the elements to attract new investors. Again, it is the worst decision to work immediately in all countries in order to yield long-term. Everything is done gradually. The emergence of a new language is good — it requires interpreter’s service (if you know the language, check the translation quality). But it is not so simple. Any innovations and offers are perceived as an alarming signal for investors. There are good reasons for this. Introducing a new language without an advertising campaign in the country will not give anything. admins do this to mislead investors. If possible, it is necessary to check whether the project appeared on the foreign monitors at the same time with the language introduction.

It is worth evaluating projects as for all these sings in complex. You should understand that only the excellent design and good marketing are not a guarantee of success. In selecting the project check all the available information about it, read the reviews, but analyze yourself. And do it for the entire project running time. If there is at least one question, it is better to say to yourself “stop”.

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