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(SCAM) ForexParadise: Special Investment Offers & Bitcoin Card

hyip-scams - (SCAM) ForexParadise: Special Investment Offers & Bitcoin Card

ForexParadise is steadily operating and continually developing HYIP that needs no introduction. Launched in February 2014, this long-term program has won the confidence and approval of tens of thousands of investors. Despite the leading position in HYIP industry ForexParadise never ceases to delight its customers with various innovations, promotions and bonuses. But first things first.

hyip-scams - (SCAM) ForexParadise: Special Investment Offers & Bitcoin Card

In this review we will not dwell on the description of the site design, domain and technical data, level of security and protection of the project. To make it short, they deserve 5 stars out of 5. In addition, this info is available on the website.

hyip-scams - (SCAM) ForexParadise: Special Investment Offers & Bitcoin Card

What we’re actually looking at is a new investor-only offer — 30% Bonus Deposit for All Plans. ForexParadise has allocated bonus deposits of 30% for all investment plans. The bonuses are only available for investors who have already made a deposit in any basic plan. For example, if an investor makes a $100 deposit, ForexParadise will open an active $100 deposit and a 30% bonus one. In total, ForexParadise allocated 3000 bonus deposits, 2010 of which are available for activation thus far. So, as bonuses are snapped up like hotcakes, it would be better to hurry up.

But there is more to it!  In addition to 30% Bonus Deposit, ForexParadise offers 3 time-limited investment plans with the return up to 815.72% after 42 days. The details of two of them are presented in the table below. Terms of the third investment plan, dubbed Superior Star, will soon be available on the website. Bear in mind, that new time-limited plans will be available until there is no bonus left.

hyip-scams - (SCAM) ForexParadise: Special Investment Offers & Bitcoin Card

30% every 6 days                                                          30% every 5 days 

Maximum Return: 627.48%                                                            Maximum Return:  815.72%

100% principal deposit back                                                          100% principal deposit back

Investment Period: 42 Days                                                            Investment Period: 42 Days

5-tier Affiliate Reward:  22% +4% +2% +1.5% +1.1%                   5-tier Affiliate Reward

Accruals: Every 6 days                                                                    Accruals: Every 6 days

Currencies: 13 payment methods                                                Currencies: Bitcoin

ForexParadise basic investment plans are no less attractive for investors. Their terms are as follows: 600% after 60 days; 759.38% after 5 month1777% after 12 month439% after 154 calendar days.

hyip-scams - (SCAM) ForexParadise: Special Investment Offers & Bitcoin Card

1000 Bitcoin Cards. In addition to bonus offers, the company pleased investors by issuing of 1000 Bitcoin debit cards. Bitcoin card owners can transfer money to other bank cards, withdraw funds via ATM’s or top up their e-wallets. They also can replenish card accounts using any payment methods accepted at ForexParadise and then withdraw the funds at ATMs or by paying for purchases. Not surprisingly, the Bitcoin Card are in great demand among investors. At the moment less than half of the issued cards left.

ForexParadise Bitcoin Cards will be given to first 1000 members who make deposits of certain size starting with August, 21 2016. The cards are issued and delivered to their owners for free after making new deposit of a certain amount.

To conclude, ForexParadise offers a variety of bonuses and exclusive time-limited proposals for investors. And it would be a sin not to use such advantageous offers, especially as they are flying off the shelves.

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