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“Hit and Run” Strategy and Its Negative Impacts on HYIP Industry

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As probably many have already noticed, the HYIP market is rapidly getting degraded, seemingly good projects go scammed ahead of time and, as a result, the majority of investors are still in the red.

On the forums, investors rightly accuse administrators of greed, of being unable to manage money flows, etc. All this is true, but only partly. The main problem in the market began at the moment when one of the parties involved in the game, decided that it is smarter than the other and began to cheat. So hit-runners appeared. It seems logical: to benefit, enter at the start, withdraw your deposit after the first round with profit and run.

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It was OK, when a small part of investors was engaged in this game. This did not affect the overall stability of the project’s cash account and, in principle, as they say, so it would be possible to live. But over time, the number of hit-runners grew from project to project; it eventually started to significantly reduce the life span of each successive project. those involved for more than 5 years are sure to have noticed this tendency. It is important to note that we’re talking about the projects of normal admins, not scammers originally planning to run off with the cash account. Further we will continue to base on this.

Then something happened what was going to happen inevitably. Once one party was playing with marked cards, the second party would start to cheat sooner or later. Admins were not blind and also noticed an increasing number of hit-runners from project to project. And they began to play against hit-runners. What has ultimately led to the situation where seemingly a good project that could work goes scamming at the peak, taking away cash.

So, members of the game have turned into enemies, who are trying to destroy each other. As a result, the HYIP market is now more like a minefield, where there is no chance for anybody to survive. The market is rapidly deteriorating and the two sides will only lose eventually. If it goes on, there won’t be more good projects, but only looters from admins-scammers, where to benefit would be simply impossible. Accordingly, the vast majority of investors will go away and will no longer play the hunger games.

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