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HYIP Scam Types

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips, be-in-the-loop - HYIP Scam Types

HYIP-scam is a program that don’t pay to investors. It looks like this: HYIP site operates, but the payments are delayed for an indefinite period. As practice shows, the delay may last until the website closure. In this article we will look at the most popular types of HYIP scams.

One of the most popular types of scams, which you can come across in HYIP programs is “hacking access.” The administrator or principal decides that it is time to terminate the project life, and creates a special history. Following it, you will learn that some super hackers attacked the site and made it impossible for further work. To make this version more reliable the site stops working for some time, and then a respective message comes. This scenario is most often used, but no matter how paradoxical it may sound, sometimes real hacking occurs.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips, be-in-the-loop - HYIP Scam Types

The second most popular type is the message that there was an irretrievable mistake in which a staff member is to blame. As a result of this mistake, all investments were lost and it is impossible to bring them back. Of course, the name of the staff member remains unknown. They explain this that they want to save the man away from the anger of customers who have lost their money.

It is impossible to make payments through the difficulties with payment systems and banks. These projects have a bad reputation, so well-known online payment systems do not want to cooperate with them, not to mention banks. As a result, the project can no longer fulfill its main function, and there is an announcement about the blocking of accounts.

If the project has received the “scam” status you may forget about returning the money that you have invested. As for the reasons, they can be very different from a banal desire of the principal to take the money to real problems with safety or the like. However, the reason for the closure is not very important, most importantly is the fact that the deposit is lost. Although investing in HYIPs everyone is aware of the risk, and only need to blame yourself. Thus, for earning you need to carefully analyze, examine the available information, affordable rates, and only then proceed to a direct investment.

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