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How to Mitigate Negative Impact of Hit&Run Strategy

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - How to Mitigate Negative Impact of Hit&Run Strategy

In a previous article we looked at the negative impact of the hit&run strategy on the situation in the HYIP industry. Today, we discuss the main solutions to remedy this situation. Here are some important points considered as mandatory conditions of fair, long-term and profitable games:

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - How to Mitigate Negative Impact of Hit&Run Strategy

1. Any HYIP implies a constant flow of money, not only from new entrants, but also from those who have already invested. Only in this case, you can play for a long time. Moreover by stretching the length of time the vast majority of players will benefit. Accordingly, to take profit from the first deposit, the participant must reinvest an amount equal to the initial deposit (of course, after receiving the deposit itself).

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - How to Mitigate Negative Impact of Hit&Run Strategy2. The game should not be one-sided. Both players and the admin must earn. Accordingly, the admin should charge a fee for each withdrawal, which, as a result, constitutes his profits. In this scenario, the admin will be most interested in the project to work longer, because his profit from the project will be considerably higher.

3. Under no circumstances the cash account should be kept by the administrator, custodians, or managers, etc. All payments should be made only between the participants directly from wallet to wallet. The system wallet can only be used as an automatic distributor, which distributes the funds instantly on the participants’ wallets, charging the project commission, keeping records of assets and automating the confirmation of the money transfer by one party to another. Thus, it is impossible for the project to go scamming, taking cash.

4. Payouts on an affiliate program should be only in the form of interest payment of referral’s profits instead of the deposit amount. Firstly, it does not wash away the money from turnover, as the referral fees are to be paid only out of the admin’s profits, which he receives as withdrawal commissions. Secondly, it solves many problems with fraud, schemes, etc.

5. Each participant is obliged to publish information about deposits, payments and reinvestments on forums. It is important to understand that “railbirds”, follow the development of the project and will come into play only in the case of positive dynamics. Such is human psychology and this cannot be helped. Once entered the game, take active part in it. Nobody demands to manage, but all must make the basic steps for placing information on deposits and payments on forums. All are in the same boat and all have to row. It only takes a few minutes a day, and the effect of this is colossal.

Several positive aspects arising from the above-mentioned

Since no one but participants of the project will be able to take away cash and stop payments, there are no more factors for going panic, which can usually be seen in the branches of current projects, when the project begins to slow down payments due to technical or other problems. it is normal to have technical problems with sites and you should take it easily. Especially there is nothing to worry about in the proposed variant of work. Any technical problem is always solved, which means that the site is sure to resume work and the game continues.

The admin won’t be able to boost the project by using participants’ money, which, in turn, also has a positive impact on long-term projects. And there is another bonus – it will stop many scammers from creating looters.

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