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JennyForU (PROBLEM) Review

hyip-scams - JennyForU (PROBLEM) Review

In this review we will consider JennyForU HYIP which is a subject of special interest for many investors. Launched on 30 September 2016, JennyForU is a Telegram-based Bitcoin investment bot with the yield 3% daily. Based on the Telegram.org platform, JennyForU can be considered as the most reliable solution of the passive income. So, let’s consider the main features of the HYIP step by step.

hyip-scams - JennyForU (PROBLEM) Review

Website. JennyForU has a minimalist website design, that is now all the rage. The HYIP website is highly commendable: clear and uncluttered site layout provides full information you need for investing. As mentioned above, JennyForU core features were built on the Telrgram.org platform, so the program can operate on any mobile device.

hyip-scams - JennyForU (PROBLEM) Review

General Info. JennyForU is a classical example of Ponzi Scheme which actually is employed by the most of HYIPs. According to the website, Jenny is an interactive robot, which distributes the funds, received from the earlier investors, among the new ones. The margin of the excess profits are distributed among the creators of the system, and is also used for further development and promotion of JennyForU services.

Investment Plans. JennyForU offers the single tariff plan with the yield 3% daily, i.e. 90% monthly. Having invested once, your income is streaming at your wallet daily without time limitations.

hyip-scams - JennyForU (PROBLEM) Review

Deposits & Withdrawals. JennyForU is a Bitcoin-operated HYIP. Minimum investment amount is $10. Instant withdrawal is possible every day without limitation of amount.

Affiliate Program. JennyForU allows you not only to earn on investment, but to make money on its affiliate program with 10% referral reward. Affiliate commission can be requested to withdraw instantly after its accrual.

Bitcoin investment bot Jenny may be a good choice for investors, as this HYIP offers high return investment plan combined with a generous affiliate reward.

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