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WorldwideTradeInc (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - WorldwideTradeInc (SCAM) Review

October is one of the most fruitful period in the HYIP industry: new investment projects are appearing almost every day, like mushrooms after the rain. In this article we will consider a HYIP WorldwideTradeInc that was launched on October 25, 2016. Let’s take a closer look at all relevant features of this program.

hyip-scams - WorldwideTradeInc (SCAM) Review

Website. WorldwideTradeInc site design is not the major strength of the program. It is possible that  the website will be improved or substantially upgraded in the process of development of the HYIP, as is often the case with long-term projects. Despite its old-school design, the site has a clear layout that allows users to quickly navigate around the site and to find all info needed for investing in the HYIP. The website is available only in English.

hyip-scams - WorldwideTradeInc (SCAM) Review

General info. Worldwide Trade Inc Limited is a UK registered company that makes money from Forex and Cryptocurrency trading as one of the major player in the market. ‘Our aim is to Generate the Income for our investor. We have expert teams who are generating Profits from Forex Brokers and also the Crypto Traders specially Bitcoin, Litecoin. We will insure your deposit from the Insurance companies so we will provide 100% Money back Guarantee of profit and Your investment,’ the website claims.

Investment plan. So what does WorldwideTradeInc offer? Currently, the HYIP has the single tariff plan — 0.25% daily for maximum 1000 days. The interest payment period is defined as “on a daily basis”. To calculate net profit on your deposit for for a certain investment term you can use the Investment Calculator on the website. Minimum deposit amount is $20, the maximum is unlimited. All deposits must be made through the Member Area of the WorldwideTradeInc website.

Deposits & Withdrawals. WorldwideTradeInc works with popular HYIP payment providers: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, PAYEER, and AdvCash. Withdrawal type is manual. The requested funds are usually available within 12 business hours.

Affiliate program. The investments plan are supplemented by a three-tiered Affiliate Program with 1%-3%-15% rewards which depends directly on the amount of attracted referrals: 1000, 5000, and over 5000 respectively.

WorldwideTradeInc is a new HYIP with short-, mid- and long-term investment offers as well as with high affiliate reward. Equally important is that the HYIP is at its early stage of the life-cycle and investors stand the best chance to get good profit.

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