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Beyond the HYIP: Interview with the Admin (Part 2)

learn-from-the-pros, be-in-the-loop - Beyond the HYIP: Interview with the Admin (Part 2)

This is the part 2 of the Interview. Read the Part 1.

learn-from-the-pros, be-in-the-loop - Beyond the HYIP: Interview with the Admin (Part 2)

Do you work over projects independently or in a team?

I deal with a project alone. There are 2 web studios where I alternately order a turn-key project on. And what do I need anyone for? It is possible to do all on my own.

Tell us about the technique for creating a project, what expenses and what expectations are there from projects?

How is a project created? I plan a legend, the one with Forex is the bestr. then I make up rates, pocker and offline business. I write the technical task for a programmer and a designer. In 1-1.5 months all is ready. Meanwhile I write the site contents.


You have touched upon the question about monitors and bloggers. Can you tell about them, what role do they play in advertising HYIP projects?

Advertisements on monitors are waste of money now. You have to flood each with banners for you to probably receive feedback. Bloggers. Well, I began to take them only in the latest 2 projects. It was earlier – when a project appeared, they dragged it to themselves. Up to 2012 I had never paid any blog!

Further there is a contextual advertising on Yandex and Google, advertising on media resources, advertising on radio – I have done all. But I attract it later, as there is no sense from such advertising in the beginning.

How to decide when to close the project?

I close the project when the sum of the ordered payments substantially exceeds the project cash. I.e., say, there is 50 thousand and you have to move out more than 20 thousand, it is already time to think about it. As a rule, it is the move out of some deposits. My advice to investors – withdraw step by step, and not just all for one week, so if you have itchy feet to deposit well. Withdraw all the sum for 2-3 weeks so that the inflow of deposits can provide you with enough funds. If you move out directly, for example, 10 thousand reinvested funds, don’t think that you will be easily paid in all sincerity.

What is the question you would ask yourself?

Generally, when I wanted to talk about admin business, I would like to touch on people’s naivety. I had investors who believed in such absurd legends, sometimes I was even ashamed to write that. Some even offered to help resolve the situation.

I remember a woman putting 20 thousand dollars in my HYIP. A month later it was closed. She wrote me an email:

– Hello! Will there be the payments?

– No. – I answered.

She did not write more.

Finally I want to say to those who are going to open their own HYIP – do not think that you will have a land of milk and honey. Most HYIPs are closed due to lack of money for payment, and due to the lack of new deposits. After hitranners pump out all the money the problem with new deposits arises, and you can hardly hold this project more than a few months. Think about it, when you open the project. Have a nice day!

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