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Beyond the HYIP: Interview with the Admin (Part1)

learn-from-the-pros, be-in-the-loop - Beyond the HYIP: Interview with the Admin (Part1)

We offer an interview with the admin of several HYIPs to your attention. The interviewer did not want to disclose his identity, but told a lot of interesting things from the life of his projects.

learn-from-the-pros, be-in-the-loop - Beyond the HYIP: Interview with the Admin (Part1)

How long have you been dealing with HYIPs?

I have been an admin for a long time probably since 2006. But somehow I just started as an admin without a period of investing in HYIPs. I do not understand how it happened, but I immediately began creating projects. My first project was worth $ 50. It was done by a 12-year-old programmer the design included just a picture, buttons, but it had a unique script.

Well, in short, it worked for 5 days, then DDoS happened and the site stopped. In short, I closed the project. A month later, I again decided to begin to create a project. I found a webstudio site and ordered a site with a script. So this moment was my starting point.

Well, you are the Pro in the HYIP industry. Can you tell us about your ups and downs. Generally about your way?

I have created different projects with legends about Forex, rates, poker, offline business. Totally there must have been about 15 projects, just fail to say exactly. I.e. there was somewhere a couple of projects a year (closer to the end of the project I started to develop a new one). I am in favor of a smooth project development, so all my projects worked from 5 to 14 months.

I have done fasts 2 times – both times unsuccessfully. That’s not mine. Here you need to quickly launch an advertising campaign, and I’m used to the smooth development. Among average-interest HYIPs there were probably 4 unsuccessful projects. Just somehow it did not work – there were some of my mistakes, such as having 2 projects in parallel, having invest plans untypical for me.

How much do I earn? Of course, sometimes I am jealous while reading any messages from admins making about a hundred thousand dollars for a couple of months (very often I don’t believe in such reports), it did not work with me, but I wasn’t upset. My mushrooms grow in the forest. Each project brought me about 40-70 thousand of profits. The most successful one brought me about 170,000. For the last 2 years the HYIP industry has certainly changed, it has become more difficult.

How exactly has the HYIP industry changed? What was before, what is now? How has it been developing for this period of 6-8 years? Was there the decline, rise? what trend is now?

When I started, suffice it to say, that one of the criteria to select a HYIP was it being placed not on a free hosting. And now can you imagine such?

Bank transfers were unusual, there was no official registration of companies, nor some offices, nor even photos of offices. Now without this minimum HYIP raises little interest in the long term. Previously, the cost of creating a project was significantly lower: within 5 thousand with the creation of a unique script and advertising. the latest 2 projects took 15-20 thousand each.

The most profitable project, in which I invested the least, was, well, an imitation of real activity. there were some reports and an affiliate program. I did not pay bloggers – all took my project themselves and hyped it up.

The main problem of recent years has been hitranners. They invest at the start and move out gains after the minimum period. It’s just awful how smart people have become! Even considering my smooth development of the project, when I do not make aggressive advertising from the start, nevertheless I lose serious money. Well, in short, in a month such people take out cash completely. Then – no new deposits!

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