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HYIP Promotion: Principles and Features (Part 1)

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Promotion: Principles and Features (Part 1)

Promoting HYIPs allows pushing an investment project and making it bring in more money both for admins and investors. After all, the project being unnoticed is paid hosting in vain and wasted investments.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Promotion: Principles and Features (Part 1)

What determines the HYIP promotion?

The task of a newborn project’s administrator is to determine its objectives and life-term, as well as to take into account the created image. Depending on the combination of factors a competent strategy of promoting the HYIP is built:

The HYIP type 

It is important to immediately determine what we deal with:

Low-interest projects — are usually created for a longer term and require regular investments for promotion and advertising. They are especially sensitive at the stage of fading. When a decline in the inflow of clients is observed, you are sure to make a wave of the promotion, which will help attract new investors.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Promotion: Principles and Features (Part 1)Mid-interest program — expect that your HYIP will live 3-4 weeks, and maybe 3-4 months. Perhaps then it needs a reorganizing- and voila- there is a new HYIP ready. So the promotion can also be cyclical.

High-yield projects — do not live long, they can die in 2-3 days, as they are too tempting for investors. What is important here is the strategy of start-up promotion and then you can let the project go with the flow.


Your financial opportunities define what part of the budget you are willing to spend on HYIP promotion. On a good note, not less than 60% of the budget must go to it, ideally 70-80%. Now you understand that HYIPs live only at the expense of the competent promotion.

Objectives and external factors

What do you expect from the project, or rather, what financial results? Some administrators aim to grab some hundred dollars and close a HYIP. And they have many such projects as they live on them. But to allocate a lot of money to promote HYIPs with such income is stupid. And there are administrators who are interested in creating a couple, but worthwhile projects that will bring thousands to them. In this case, they will promote them in every way and spend large sums on advertising. In addition, the budget will depend on the HYIP industry trends: once, all rush to forums, then — trust contextual advertising. You must be able to see the effect and reallocate resources basing on it.

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