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HYIP Promotion: Principles and Features (Part 3)

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Promotion: Principles and Features (Part 3)

This is the part 2 of the article. Read the Part 2.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Promotion: Principles and Features (Part 3)

There is another kind of promotion – insurance, as well as chat and Scype mailing. We are to talk in great detail about additional kinds of HYIP promotion further. So far let’s focus on methods of promotion and marketing tools.

Two methods of HYIP promotion 

If to sum up, all the promotion tools can be gathered together in two groups:

1 Aggressive tools are those that literally attack newcomers and invite them to join the group in the early days of HYIPs. Typically, admin use such methods for high-interest HYIPs or Fasts, at least, seldom for mid-interest projects.

2 Passive or smooth HYIP promotion goes just for low-interest HYIPs which need systematic and gradual investments.

HYIP Marketing as a mandatory component of promotion

Since HYIPs inherently differ from pyramid schemes and all sorts of fraudulent organizations or scams, they should be correctly positioned from the start. In this regard, the construction of the marketing strategy in HYIP promotion seems rather a complicated task, because you need to sell a project quickly and profitably without a hint of deception. Therefore it is necessary to know marketing – a trend that requires studying a great deal of information and a large-scale approach, as well as the corresponding budget.

Here are some tools marketing promotion, which we would like to include in the complex promotion HYIP:

• Creating thematic forums and blogs;

• The involvement of “your” bloggers and ordered articles about HYIPs;

• Direct mail;

• Invited reviews of your HYIP;

• Participating in affiliate programs;

• Introducing various offers and bonuses on your site.

Now I would say a few words on each in detail:


This HYIP promotion has the right to live, as generally it is a permanent and unfailing trick for attracting new investors. People are used to trusting opinions of others: it is necessary to publish information permanently and reliably on your forums. That is, reviews should inspire confidence, and show that they are not created by robots, and should include, for example, information on payments on this site.

You can also write here a variety of strategies, reviews about admins and their responses’ timeliness, and publish reports. The main thing is to involve “your” people who are good copywriters.

Note: this advice, though harmful, does not mean that all reviews on forums are ordered. There are real ones among them indeed.

Direct Mail

It can not only be carried out by e-mail, although it is the most reliable way to deliver information and the most traditional one. You can send e-mail on Skype and in social networks. The secret is to make a text of the letter, which will entice the customer from the first lines, tell him/her about the benefits of joining namely this HYIP. As imagine how many of these exist in the network.

Important: it is necessary to create e-mail newsletter a couple of days before opening the HYIP, especially if we mean high-yield programs that are not going to exist for a long time in the market.

Affiliate programs

you are not offered to feel like a referral. But to enter into mutually beneficial partnership with related sites to help HYIP promotions can and should be appropriate. To do this, simply connect new investors by sending them a special referral link to your project. This will bring the investor from 1 to 10% of additional income in the form of commission: the more money your referral invests, the more his people he attracts, the higher the income is. Plus, it is important to be among the first referrals.

Invited articles

From an ethical point of view it is a very complex topic, because you have to act dishonestly. But it is important to choose a performer who will objectively look at your site and be able to highlight the advantages correctly. He can even add a couple of drawbacks though: it always inspires confidence in the reader. In addition, such HYIP promotion allows beginners to learn more about your site in the form of a full-scale review. It is also an analytical material and a good experience for the investor.

Regular offers and bonuses

Encourage your investors by means of bonus and loyalty programs. For example, when you close the HYIP, introduce a bonus system, which will not only raise, but even cause a new wave of investors. In addition, when you open a low-yield HYIP it is advisable to introduce bonus programs to attract investors with a low-yield program.

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