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Promoting HYIPs: Principles and Features (Part 4)

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - Promoting HYIPs: Principles and Features (Part 4)

This is the part 4 of the article. Read the Part 3.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - Promoting HYIPs: Principles and Features (Part 4)

Useful tips to admins

If it is your task to administer the HYIP, you should know that you have to control payments for contextual advertising, monitor updating forums and social networks. Other tips:

  1. Remember that the more investors are in the HYIP, so the more logical it would be to create more forums;
  2. The creation of HYIP forums does not guarantee 100% of HYIP promotion, but there is some effect from them;
  3. It is desirable to have an assistant or distribute administrative functions between two or more HYIP co-owners;
  4. Working with monitors with a good reputation, you can get up to 3000% return.
  5. Keep yourself up to date with the trendy ways to promote HYIPs.

Conclusion: how to organize HYIP promotion 

Basing on all the above learned tools, you can build your own HYIP operation scheme at each stage of the life cycle:

  • At the creation stage it is important to hire managers and administrators, to start sending newsletters and to create HYIP forums in advance.
  • At the growth stage it is needed to attract new investors and referrals: a great attention to affiliate programs, contextual advertising, social networks. You continue supporting forums;
  • At the deceleration stage it is needed to have a bonus or a loyalty program that will renew interest in HYIP. Also banner advertising and new attacks on the forums are effective;
  • When the site no longer compensates for investments, it is important to keep track of it and make a decision either to invest in re-innovation or hit the jackpot and close.

Admins and affiliates, as well as the most experienced investors, knowing the nuances of HYIP promotion receive excellent returns and a positive effect. Even if you still do not join any group, even if you only learn how to create HYIPs or earn on them, listen to these tips. We are sure you will be able to develop your own strategy, and your HYIP promotion will 100% work out.

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