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Investment Calendar: Tips to Play HYIP Market Trends

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - Investment Calendar: Tips to Play HYIP Market Trends

A series of ups and downs of work activity — it’s all about the HYIP industry in which success depends precisely on seasonal changes. In the case of HYIPs changes occur monthly. In this article we will try to understand the industry specifics and to find out when and what to expect from it.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - Investment Calendar: Tips to Play HYIP Market Trends


It is at the beginning of the calendar year that almost all HYIP categories are on a sort of “vacation”. Most of the projects terminate their activity on the eve of the New Year,  as a rule, only stable projects remain in the market.

Therefore, if you see that the project does its job at the beginning or middle of the month and it is still active, think it over and get to work.


In February, most admins gradually return to work, stopped at the onset of winter holidays. It is at this time we face the emergence of fresh HYIPs. Of course, many of them turn out to be “piggy banks”, designed for the collection of funds on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Stumbling on something decent, you can easily become a member of the project which will be able not only to operate the whole winter but also to function in the spring, and maybe even in the summer!


When the spring comes, not only the nature but also the HYIP market revives. March may boast of the abundance of projects, most of which you, of course, will have to weed out. But, as you know, sooner or later, the number is transformed into quality. So carefully follow the news on forums and blogs, looking for quality projects, which being launched in March will be able to please you with the vitality and to be afloat until May or even July.


April is largely similar in its activity to March. However, April activity has become commonplace, and therefore it is not perceived with such enthusiasm as March one. Almost all decent high-yield projects formed in early April are likely to come to its logical conclusion in June, or under more favorable conditions in July. Average HYIPs will survive till the beginning of summer at maximum. Their main problem is serious competition with projects launched in March.


During this period projects aimed at accumulating funds for the summer holidays are launched. It is extremely important to carefully figure out which projects will work for the rest of spring and summer and which will close 2-3 weeks later. Be attentive as for the project which are opened in February and March, because most of them will close in May.


With the onset of summer and vacation season the HYIP market tends to reduce its activity. This time can be called the most boring and difficult. Most people plan to travel, go to resorts or simply enjoy idly in front of TV. Project admins begin slowly to join carefree holidaymakers as well. In June, projects are closed with almost the same speed as spring mushrooms. Even despite the significant support, powerful promotion and the highest quality, the project is likely to be on the landfill ahead of time.


We have nothing but emptiness and loneliness. There are few people, few projects, even less new projects than old ones. By the way, this time of year the emergence of new HYIPs  is quite ambivalent. The thing is that, on the one hand, administrators who want to save up on their holidays start to launch nimble underprojects, and on the other, administrators who develop serious schemes simply seek to promote their projects by September to demonstrate potential investors their beautiful reputation and an attractive payout history.

To distinguish a fake from a real diamond, carefully read the promotional text of the project, analyze and evaluate it. If you find a lot of mistakes there and you have the impression that it was written in a hurry, you can be sure – the administrator simply wants to solve his minor problems at your expense.

If the project is of high quality and attracts people who remained at home on summer holidays, you have all chances to believe that such HYIPs will operate until the beginning of autumn, and perhaps even until first cold.


It is the time not only to prepare for a new school year, but for holidaymakers to return to work, it also the time for HYIPs to activate their activity. It is in August that administrators gather together all their forces and begin to develop new proposals.


From first cool days the HYIP market is booming! All categories from MLM to low-yield projects have various high-quality proposals, most of which will work until the New Year. Despite a significant increase in activity, September may not be considered the most long-awaited and favorable period in the HYIP industry.


October is the most rapid and active period. It is in this month that the projects’ lifetime (even the most low-grade ones) increases significantly. This is primarily due to the emergence of new investors in the industry. Of course, this is not to say that you should invest your money aimlessly and wait until all returns. Just in October, you will have a much greater choice for HYIP investment.


November is a logical continuation of October. There are still many projects in the market, but their lifeterm is much shorter. Everyone is starting to prepare for the New Year, so more and more HYIPs simply begin to move away to another world. Of course, November is, in no case, the time of mass HYIP disappearing, but you should be very prudent and not to invest in schemes with rates exceeding one month.


In December investors are exposed to the greatest danger. Everything is full with a multitude of temptations—colorful proposals, gorgeous presents — all that can make us swallow the bait of a “festive bonus”. That is why in December it is better to refrain from any major investments.

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