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Investment Calendar: Tips to Play HYIP Market Trends (Part 1)

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A series of ups and downs of work activity – it’s all about the HYIP industry in which success depends precisely on seasonal changes. In the case of HYIPs changes occur monthly. In this article we will try to understand the industry specifics and to find out when and what to expect from it.


It is at the beginning of the calendar year that almost all HYIP categories are on a sort of “vacation”. Most of the projects terminate their activity on the eve of the New Year,  as a rule, only stable projects remain in the market.

Therefore, if you see that the project does its job at the beginning or middle of the month and it is still active, think it over and get to work.


In February, most admins gradually return to work, stopped at the onset of winter holidays. It is at this time we face the emergence of fresh HYIPs. Of course, many of them turn out to be “piggy banks”, designed for the collection of funds on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Stumbling on something decent, you can easily become a member of the project which will be able not only to operate the whole winter but also to function in the spring, and maybe even in the summer!

When the spring comes, not only the nature but also the HYIP market revives. March may boast of the abundance of projects, most of which you, of course, will have to weed out. But, as you know, sooner or later, the number is transformed into quality. So carefully follow the news on forums and blogs, looking for quality projects, which being launched in March will be able to please you with the vitality and to be afloat until May or even July.


April is largely similar in its activity to March. However, April activity has become commonplace, and therefore it is not perceived with such enthusiasm as March one. Almost all decent high-yield projects formed in early April are likely to come to its logical conclusion in June, or under more favorable conditions in July. Average HYIPs will survive till the beginning of summer at maximum. Their main problem is serious competition with projects launched in March.


During this period projects aimed at accumulating funds for the summer holidays are launched. It is extremely important to carefully figure out which projects will work for the rest of spring and summer and which will close 2-3 weeks later. Be attentive as for the project which are opened in February and March, because most of them will close in May.

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