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Pre-New Year Investment (Part 1)

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - Pre-New Year Investment (Part 1)

Those involved in the HYIP industry for years are well aware that the pre-Christmas time is the low season for both investors and for administrators launching the project. on the contrary, this time is good time for those administrators who are finishing the game.

It is difficult to say when exactly everybody began to withdraw funds before the New Year. Most likely, this process is gradual and eventually has become a tradition. Now all investors try to withdraw all funds onto e-wallets and calmly wait out the holidays, and administrators try to close up the site on the maximum inflow, without waiting for investors to start withdrawing on a massive scale.

But to what point, particular date of the year should we consider the game to be relatively safe (ie, within the usual risk)? Up to 20th December, to 15th December, and may be, until 1st December or even earlier? This issue is of concern of both hypers and administrators. How to find the best time to quit?

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - Pre-New Year Investment (Part 1)

Every year I notice the desired pause time for the players postpone further and further from the winter holidays. Now I believe that all December is already highly risky. That is, you’d better avoid such a project when you need to invest in December, and the return of the deposit is planned for the Christmas holidays.

Furthermore, if the project offers a month deposit term, it is not advisable to invest in such projects even in November, as administrators are well aware of hypers’ psychology and would prefer not to return even those deposits,  the term of which is to be due in early December. Because they understand that the majority of investors do not go on a new round.
So what turn out, to wait for two months without any deposit and watch the HYPE life in full swing?

As an option, YES.

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