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Alexa Ranking in HYIP Assessment

learn-from-the-pros - Alexa Ranking in HYIP Assessment

Alexa.com is the Amazon project where there is information on visiting all existing websites. By accessing www.alexa.com and writing an address of any resource on the line, you get the following information about the site:

learn-from-the-pros - Alexa Ranking in HYIP Assessment

learn-from-the-pros - Alexa Ranking in HYIP Assessment

  • Statistics of the number of visits;
  • The number of visitors per day, the average time spent on a visit to the site;
  • Information about the site guests (the percentage of male and female, sources of how users get to the site, etc.)
  • Which country most visitors are from;
  • Changes in the website popularity;
  • Niche in alexa.com chart showing the website popularity.

Alexa.com offers the ability to track an oncoming HYIP scam. Such a HYIP has a sudden attendance drop.

For comfortable use the site has Alexa Toolbar app. The program allows you to evaluate the visited resource quickly. After installing the plugin, you will see an icon with the letter “a” in the browser.

Clicking on it the toolbar will give the information regarding the site on the Internet network. this feature lets you not visit the site specifically.

Alexa.com is an excellent tool for analyzing site visits on the Internet. It allows you to identify prospective HYIPs where you need to enter immediately and as quickly as possible find out about scams. Consider Alexa and the project analysis will be twice as quicker!

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