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Macao Lotto (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Macao Lotto (SCAM) Review

Macao Lotto is a newly launched mid-interest HYIP with the yield of 2% to 6% daily. The HYIP began its work on January 11, 2017. To all appearances, Macao Lotto can be a good choice for serious investors: the HYIP has a high-quality website coupled with reliable technical part, attractive investment plans and affiliate program as well as many other advantages which will be considered in this review.

hyip-scams - Macao Lotto (SCAM) Review

Website. Macao Lotto website is highly commendable. A modern simple design combined with clear and uncluttered layout make the website very friendly to use. All information and tools needed for investing, from investment calculator to referral banners, are available on the site. The website is now available in several languages. What is lacking is Live Support.

hyip-scams - Macao Lotto (SCAM) Review

Investment Offer. Macao Lotto is a unique combination of lottery site and investment project. Funds from investments and lotteries on this portal are directed for opening and development of offline stands, as well as issue of investment and lottery tickets. Whereas the Investment Fund is supported by macao-lotteries held, and gets 40% of their income. You can invest and play both through Internet and by purchasing tickets at the respective stands Macaolotto.

To take advantage of Macao Lotto investment offer, you should get a free registration on the website. The investment offer will be accessed in your Personal Area in the section My Investments as soon as your registration is complete. From here, you can purchase an investment ticket after depositing  of $10. Each ticket is profitable within 2 years after its purchase is confirmed. There are no limits to number of tickets purchased on the site.

hyip-scams - Macao Lotto (SCAM) ReviewBlack cells on the ticket correspond with certain percentage of the net profit: 0, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6% during the first 50 days after ticket purchase, and 0, 0, 0.25%, 0.5%, 1%, 1.5% from 51 day. To win a profit you must click on the cells every day. The winning will be available for withdrawal within 24 hours.

If a cell brought “zero” profit three times a week, then the ticket investment term will be extended for another 10 days. The average daily profit is 3.3% for the first 50 days of investment term and 0.54% for the rest of the period. And daily principal payments allow reaching a break-even point on the thirtieth day after depositing.

Investing in Lottery Terminals. The Macao Lotto Company accumulates and channels the funds of the investors for acquisition of new lottery terminals with their further installation and for leasing of the existing lottery terminals. The investor becomes a co-owner of a lottery terminal proportionally the investment made by them and they have a right to receive dividends on the basis of the present conditions over the whole lifespan of a lottery terminal. The minimum deposit amount is $30.

You invest in a lottery terminal a certain sum, you get the higher interest rate over a certain period (for each terminal this period is different). After the expiration of a higher interest rate, your profit is reduced by 50-80% from the original profit. The term of dividends depends on a lottery terminal lifespan. Installation of the terminal is performed for 24 hours. Profit is charged to the account on a daily basis at 00:15 (GMT +8).

Deposits & Withdrawals. Macao Lotto works with the most demanded HYIP payment systems — Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, as well as accepts Visa or Mastercard. The company carries out the withdrawal in manual mode.The withdrawals are processed within 48 business hours.

Affiliate Program. Macao Lotto allows you not only to earn on investment, but to make money on its affiliate program. The two-tired affiliate program is also based on the lottery principle. You will be able to receive from 10% to 5% reward from the first level referrals and from 0.25% to 4% from the second tier referrals. Affiliate commission can be requested to withdraw instantly after its accrual.

Technical Details of Macao Lotto are quite credible. It uses an unique script, good hosting server, SSL certificate and is well DDos protected; the website has several degrees of protection. Investors can get in touch with support service via contact form or e-mail.

Macao Lotto is a mid-term HYIP that merits close attention from investors of different experience levels. The quality website design, reliable domain and technical details, innovative investment offer, speak in favor of the project. It seems that it is a high-quality, long-lived program in which daily principal payments allow reaching a break-even point much earlier than a deposit maturity date. It is equally important that the HYIP is at its early stage of the life-cycle and investors stand the best chance to get good profit.

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