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Security Difficulties that HYIP Admins May Face

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips, be-in-the-loop - Security Difficulties that HYIP Admins May Face

It is well understood that the HYIP launching can bring admins not only a lot of money, but also many problems. This article focuses on the main security difficulties which HYIP admins may face in their work.

DDoS-attacks and hacking are the worst nightmares that does not let the HYIP-admin sleep from the start of the project. When the HYIP site is under DDoS-attacks, certainly, the site is available under no circumstances. Naturally, investors that do not find the site online, will go panic and think that the HYIP «ran away» and will share this information on the forums, blogs, and HYIP monitors. As a result, potential depositors will stay away from this HYIP, and the admin will lose more future potential investors because of this unexpected downtime.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips, be-in-the-loop - Security Difficulties that HYIP Admins May Face

Of course, the admin of DDoS attacked website could try to move to another hosting. But this unlikely to help. The HYIP admin should first think about how to prevent the DDoS-attack, hosting the site on a dedicated server with protection from DDoS-attacks.

There is always the risk that, HYIP website can be hacked. The hacking can cause its infection with various malware. A hacker can change any details, files, MySQL, and anything he wants, of course, in his favor. He can change the account numbers of investors e-wallets so that when the HYIP-admin makes the payment, money will go to the hacker’s e-wallet without informing the admin, of course.

A hacker might get confidential information and full control of the HYIP-site for any purpose. He can edit, delete, or upload any files to the HYIP web server. In addition, he may set any virus on the HYIP-site and gain access not only to the computer of the admin, but also to the HYIP investors.

Hacking can ruin the HYIP whole project generally, not only its reputation. The HYIP can lose money if the hacker transfers all the funds on his own account, and as a result your HYIP will not have enough funds to continue making payments. So, а good DDoS protection from reputable providers is one of the most important indicators of good HYIP.

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