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HYIP Monitor Refback: How to Not Fall for Tricks

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Monitor Refback: How to Not Fall for Tricks

You can see the tempting offer of refback (Referral Commission Back) very often on different monitoring sites. Refback is a service that monitoring sites and referrers to attract as many people to their portals as possible. The point is simple — you make a deposit to a project, and the monitoring site or referrer can give you referral fees if they are available in the HYIP. Thus, you earn from scratch.

Currently, this method has become very popular and now every self-respecting monitoring site considers it essential to put refback. Sometimes, however, there are simply exorbitant proposals as for refbacks — 500%, 2,000% and even 5,000% interest. But do not rush to accept such a proposal.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Monitor Refback: How to Not Fall for Tricks

Where is the trap? The thing is in the trick used by monitors. In such cases refback is charged only on a fixed percentage of referral fees, which the monitor receives and only on the amount that you have invested. That is to pay you more than he got from you, a priori, he cannot and does not want to do. Therefore, along with the exorbitant refback the monitor offers more than modest referral awards itself.

Consider this scheme on a simple example. Suppose, a HYIP which appeared on the monitoring site has a referral program in the amount of 10% of the attracted deposits. Promising a refback for this project, say, at the rate of 300%, the monitoring site has to pay its depositors (provided that he has invested $ 100 and the monitoring site has received $ 10) $ 30, which is 3 times more than he earned. But if the monitoring site reduces the size of a referral fee up to 0.5% (which makes $ 0.50 from $ 100), 300% — is only 1.5 dollar. Technically, you are getting what you were promised, namely 300%, but the monitoring site takes the lion’s share of the referral fee.

Such a trick is not fraudulent or misleading, it’s just a one of the advertising ploys to attract customers, which, however, is not desirable, if the monitoring site cares of its reputation.

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