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How to Keep Investment Records

learn-from-the-pros - How to Keep Investment Records

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” While dealing with finances it is obligatory to keep their records.
There are situations when, sitting in front of the monitor, it is hard to remember the web address of the resource, not to mention the username and password and profitability indices, loss ratio of individual projects or the current status of the portfolio.

learn-from-the-pros - How to Keep Investment Records

Consequently, all such information should be written and well organized. revenues are to grow gradually and the number of ways to obtain it to increase. If we reject accounting, soon you are just lost. You will be given a few tips to facilitate the work in the field of investment.

learn-from-the-pros - How to Keep Investment Records

Keep a separate table for cataloging all your projects on earnings. Information should be stored in the table as follows:

▪ project name and its address on the network;

▪ the necessary data for authorization;

▪ secret word or PIN, if necessary;

▪ referral links;

▪ you can add here the information on payment systems and wallets as well.

Bookmarks in your browser

To facilitate the work in your browser it is worth creating several special folders for bookmarks, for example:

▪ «Projects» – addresses of all investment companies in which you have invested money or plan to do so in the future;

▪ «Forums» – profile forums to interact with other investors, and to search for information;

▪ «Ratings» – all web resources where you can find monitors or ratings of investment projects;

The file accounting cash turnover

It will be a simple Excel table, which displays your profits. It is desirable for the table to contain the following:

▪ forecast table, which will be a kind of an engine. It should describe the projected monthly incomes for the next 12 months. These data will be adjusted from time to time, which will give you an opportunity to develop your investment strategy.

▪ Deposit table. The information in it is to be updated every week or at least once a month. Also, it should be done after each new deposit.
It should be noted that it is desirable to have the column LastDate in this table. It will contain information about the time of the accounts closure for each project.

It is possible to calculate this date as follows:

LD = Date + (100 /%);
where Date is start time;
100 – rate of return;
% – profits derived from the project.

For example, the HYPE project began its work on 03.09.2015, and offers a daily profit of 1.5%. Thus, LD = 9.03.2015 + (100 / 1.5) = 05.15.2015.

Immediately it should be said that LastDate is a highly subjective indicator. If it is a very efficient project that has a lot of positive reviews, the LastDate term can be shifted.

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