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hyip-scams - MATANGA (SCAM) Review

In February, most admins gradually return to work, stopped at the onset of winter holidays. It is at this time we face the emergence of fresh HYIPs. One of these project is MATANGA, a mid-term HYIP with the return up to 50% after 10 days. Launched on February 19, the program has a reliable technical part, wide variety of tariff plans, a quality site design, and profitable affiliate program.  All this combined with good marketing make the project attractive for investors in its category.

hyip-scams - MATANGA (SCAM) Review

MATANGA website is highly commendable: it has a modern design with a clear layout which guides you to the information that is of use to you to invest in the HYIP and earn on its affiliate program. The website content is available in English and Russian.

hyip-scams - MATANGA (SCAM) Review

It is not entirely clear what is the source of the money the program pays. After all, so far we only know that MATANGA generates revenues by investing in the most profitable investment projects online.

Currently, the HYIP offers four investment plans with different initial deposits and the yield. After 10 days, you will receive 20%, 30%, 40% or 50% of the net profits, depending on the selected investment plan. The number of deposits is not limited. Charges are made every 24 hours in the instant mode. The details of each of the tariff plans can be seen in the table below.

hyip-scams - MATANGA (SCAM) Review

You can make a deposit or withdraw funds from MATANGA account using various electronic payment systems: Payeer, ADVCash, Perfect Money. The minimum deposit amount is $1, the maximum — is $500. There are no restrictions on the amount which you can order to withdrawal. The minimum cashout amount is $0.02.

The investments plans are complemented by a three-tier Affiliate Program with up to 10% rewards from deposit. If you have 25 active referrals you will get 5% of their deposits. Between 25 to 50 attracted investors will give you 7% of their deposits. 10% affiliate reward will be accrued to affiliates which have 50 and more referrals.

hyip-scams - MATANGA (SCAM) Review

You can get in touch with customer support team via contact form, social media accounts or via telegram messenger. Also, the website has an extensive FAQ section which contains answers on the frequently asked questions, solutions of common problems and other useful info.

MATANGA is a latest mid-term HYIP with attractive investment plans and good management of the site. It seems that it is a long-lived program, managed by the webmaster who focuses on a long-term work of the HYIP. The project has not yet passed its first life cycle, so you can be among the lucky investors who will get big profit.

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