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Richmond Berks (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - Richmond Berks (SCAM) Review

Richmond Berks is a well prepared and stably developing investment project, that merits all due attention from investors. The HYIP quality deserves 5 stars out of 5 — the project even has mobile app for Android and IOS. A quality site design, high-end technical part, adequate investment offer and affiliate reward suggest that Richmond Berks’ team focus on a long-term work of the project.

hyip-scams - Richmond Berks (SCAM) Review

The proverb Fine dress helps to impress is applicable to HYIPs. Richmond Berks website must be considered as ideal HYIP platform — it will not leave anyone indifferent. A modern simple design combined with clear and uncluttered layout make the website very friendly to use. Latest news of the program, detailed terms of investment plans and affiliate program, creative affiliate banners (they worth to be seen!), promo codes, FAQ section are placed in the Personal Area. The website provides information in 10 languages.


What is the source of the money Richmond Berks pays?  According to the website, Richmond Berks to use the clients’ money to trade on the real estate auction market with further profit making. The investors get a guaranteed profit in proportion with their deposits, while the company gets a fixed percentage, which depends on the estate transaction costs.

The HYIP offers profit of 1.5% daily for lifespan, except for days off — daily interest accruals on Saturday and Sunday is 0.7%. Investors also can get supplement to base interest rate, using Promo code when purchasing HYIP inner currency RDB to increase profits. Each promo code has an expiration date, after which you can not use the promotional code. Promo code can be obtained for the purchase of RDB. The profitability of promo code depends on the purchase price.

The interest rate of your investments depends on Richmond Berks capitalization level. If you made a deposit with an interest rate of 1.5% daily profit, but the next day capitalization level increases, then the interest rate of your deposit will also grow correspondingly, regardless of the previous conditions. For example: You invested $1000 and got 1000 RBD with a daily interest rate of 1.5%. Then every day you will get 15 RBD.

Richmond Berks allows to make money on two-tier affiliate program with 10%-2%-1% rewards. You will get 10% profit from each deposit of your referrals who signed up using your affiliate link, and 5% profit from each deposit of your second-tier partners. Referral banners you might need can be found in the Private Area.

As mentioned above, the HYIP has an inner currency, RBD, that serves to simplify the work with money supply and its conversion into international currencies. 1 RBD is equal to $1. The program accepts deposits via the most demanded HYIP payment systems — Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Payza, and Advcash. All withdrawal requests are processing in manual mode.

You can get in touch with Customer Support via contact form, live chat, e-mail or by phone. Also, you may find an answer to your question in detailed F.A.Q section.

Richmond Berks is well prepared HYIP with high-quality website, reliable technical part, attractive investment offer, reasonable affiliate reward, and many other advantages which has already been considered above. The project stands a good chance of long-term operating and you will earn a good profit with the right approach to investing.

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  1. admin

    Richmond Berks company
    Many victims in Japan. Accounts with a fairly large amount of money, in my case $1000, were locked and disabled to log in. No reply to emails, nobody answers the phone number on the website. Group chat is monitored by their advertising tower Timinskis Georgijs and banned as soon as you mention negative comments about Richmond Berks.

    They steal money from Japan and use the money to do competiton in other low income countries. Dana Lawerence, Brandon Boid, David Akerson, Anna Newman, etc. They are all scammers.

    They try to hide the fact that they stole money from Japan by erasing all negative comments from SNS and various media.
    A lot of proof can be found on Japanese blogs and twitters but most of them are in Japanse, so overseas investors are not aware of the fact. I hope people will stop investing in Richmond Berks.

    • admin

      wow that is terrible but not surprising considering the entire HYIP industry. Thanks for the warning!

  2. admin



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