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HYIP Visual Analysis (Part 1) 

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Visual Analysis (Part 1) 

This article focuses on the visual analysis of a HYIP website. We will not touch the subject of short-term highly profitable HYIPs, because in most cases they do not meet virtually all the requirements. We also strongly recommend beginners even not to consider such projects for investment. In the future, when you get more experience in the analysis and HYIP investment, you can try to take the highest risk and to conduct a transaction with short-term HYIPs.

Website design

It is not quite easy for beginners to evaluate the project design potential. For these purposes you’d better consult an experienced HYIP investor or webmaster, who will be able to evaluate uniqueness at first and then and an approximate cost of the website design.
If, however, the project, which is positioning itself as a long-term reliable one, uses a standard free design template, it is better to miss such a HYIP and to keep from investing in it.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Visual Analysis (Part 1) 

Also pay attention to the website layout and possible discrepancies that evidence haste work. These oversights can be: lack of text alignment to the margins, overlapping pictures with a text, links mismatch and other errors that experienced Internet surfers immediately notice.

An alternative to the website layout analysis, place a HYIP address in the form on the website http://validator.w3.org. If the test is passed successfully, the HYIP is worth paying attention to. If the test validity shows a lot of errors, this site is made with a minimum of cost and involvement of an inexperienced coder; respectively, we should not be interested in such work.


First of all, look for errors in the text. It is also possible to evaluate the quantity and quality of the text information on the website. Then you can compare texts with other HYIPs, check the text uniqueness and graphic content.

Naturally the project priority will be higher if the site has a lot of unique and high-quality texts and graphic information. It is possible to check the text uniqueness by just copying various parts from the website and inserting them in Google search. The same can be done with the image uniqueness through Google Image Search service. Note the section FAQ / Q & A. short-term HYIPs most often copy from other colleagues.


If the site contains various language support, not only through the menu, but also the translation of all text and image data – this may indicate the seriousness of the organizers’ intentions and may even be evidence of work with foreign investors.

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