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HYIP Visual Analysis (Part 2) 

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Visual Analysis (Part 2) 

This is the part 2 of the article. Read the Part 1.

Usability updates

If there are a systematic design and site content updates, it is also a good sign, but not the most significant. The same can be said about the opposite – the absence of new articles, images, or minor changes of design details do not necessarily indicate the project “neglecting”. There is the service that allows you to track how the site looked in the past (provided it has existed for more than 6 months). Visit https://archive.org/ site and type the project address in the top line. According to various dates, you can track changes in the website design. Also, using this resource it is possible to estimate the site life-term.


Availability of online technical support on the site, which answers your questions in real time, is also a significant plus in favor of the project. If it is absent, write to support service at the specified e-mail addresses or via the feedback form.

learn-from-the-pros, how-to-milk-hyips - HYIP Visual Analysis (Part 2) 

Quick response to your appeal (within a day) is also a good reason while the lack of response – on the contrary.


In addition to e-mail or online messengers’ data, it is good when there is the phone and address of the company. Certainly, the address is most likely to be fake or offshore. You can also check it by copying in the search service line and by analyzing the output.
Compare the data listed in the contact section with addresses and telephone numbers listed in domain registration according to who is (see below). These data will match in relatively long-term projects.

Availability of documents

Some projects publish registration documents, tax returns, certificates and licenses on their websites. You can check their authenticity by putting the registration number in the search form or contacting the organization that issued the documents. Even if there are such documents together with confirmation of their authenticity (which is more typical for serious offline financial pyramids than HYIPs) you should not too delude yourself on this occasion. Do not forget the basic rules of investing, as even reliable banks can scam from time to time – declare bankruptcy at the slightest problems and do not pay.

Legend and other information

According to the legend, we can find out information about the type of investment. Of course, it is not necessary to trust this information in any case, but you can draw some conclusions. If the HYIP organizers bother to think a good legend, which is partly confirmed by licenses and contacts, it is possible that the project intends to work for a long time.
Similarly, following the information available on the site, you can determine the maximum profits and loss, work days, ways of withdrawals and other information that is worth studying and analyzing. Next we will look at these details more closely.

Methods of depositing and withdrawing

According to the options of depositing and withdrawing you can also determine the seriousness of the project, its founders and thus long-term functioning of the HYIP. In addition to standard electronic payment systems used by HYIPs, it is preferable if there are more reliable EPS (eg, PayPal), as well as bank transfers and cards (which is unlikely).

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