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BiksBit (SCAM) Review

hyip-scams - BiksBit (SCAM) Review

BiksBit is a stable and actively developing mid-term HYIP with a noble way of earning — investing in gems. Launched almost exactly one year ago, the project has proven its vitality and continues to run at a profit. Variety of tariff plans, quality site design, license script, high-end technical part combined with good marketing make Biksbit attractive for investors in its category.

BiksBit website has a modern design, a clear and uncluttered layout and deserves 5 of 5 stars. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to invest in the HYIP. The website is available only in English.

hyip-scams - BiksBit (SCAM) Review

BiksBit LTD is an investment and advisory trust management fund for investors’ resources. In addition, BiksBit LTD is a production and technology company whose main activity is the production, processing and sales of gemstones. ‘The idea of our offer is that we accept the investors’ funds, use them afterwards as an investment into the development of the new deposits of gemstones all over the world and for accelerating the development of the existing deposits, and pay our investors good interest rates for using their monetary assets, joining them with our floating assets,’ the website states.

The project offers 8 types of investment plans wit different term, initial deposit and the yield. The details of each of them are presented in two tables below. For more accurately calculating the return on your deposit you can use Investment Calculator on the website.

hyip-scams - BiksBit (SCAM) Review

BiksBit works with the most popular HYIP payment processors: PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin. The HYIP doesn’t charge any fees to withdraw or deposit funds. The minimum investment amount is $10.00, the maximum deposit is $50,000. The minimal withdrawal amount is $1. There is no maximal limit for withdrawals. The requested funds are usually available within 36 business hours.

hyip-scams - BiksBit (SCAM) Review

The HYIP allows you not only to earn on investment, but to make money on a single level affiliate program. You will earn 1% from deposit of your referral. Rewards will be automatically credited to your account after your referral makes investment.

There are no ‘weakest links’ in technical and domain details of the program. BiksBit uses a good hosting server, COMODO SSL certificate and is well DDoS protected.

BiksBit is a stable developing mid-term HYIP with high-quality site, reliable technical part, active promotion, attractive tariff plans and adequate affiliate reward. The project may be a good choice for serious investors, as this HYIP has already proven its vitality and stands a good chance to operate for a long time.

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  1. admin

    Just as promised and very punctual. Thank you so much!

  2. admin

    i am waiting to 23 may 2017 , ,if i recived withdrow ,i will start networking and i will make team and refers ,, all my friends waiting my withdrow result ,,,

    • admin

      Awan Hazarvi i have not recive from 2 days withdrow ,,,i was invest 6000 pm for ofter 10 days packag ,,and
      i invest 6000 pm ,,but biksbit are scamed ,,my packag expire in 22 may ,but biksbit loss me ,and not pay ,,show the withdrow on pending

      plz stop the invest ,this site,,biksbit is go went gone on given frofhat ,,very scamer ,,i have loss from the biksbit 6000 ,pm

      • admin

        did they pay you?
        please contact me. i have a solution. [email protected]

        • admin

          Dear ..
          Biksbit is totly scame …i have 52000 pm in my biksbit account ..but not give withdrow .and not wthdrow option accept withdrow request ..i was invest 6000..and my biksbit account show me my prophat .but i can not recive withdrow ..totly scamer .ponze schem..i was end the ofter 10 days packag ..but they are not give me my real ammount and my prophat ..i have loss 6000 .perfectmony ammount ..plz stop this site networking .i am request to all people ..this is scame ..

        • admin

          Scame biksbit …i have loss 6000..pm

  3. admin

    I am request to biksbit owner plz .contact me .and give me my real ammount .6000.pm and my prophat .46500..pm…plz .plz .

  4. admin

    it is scam

  5. admin

    From 31 may onwards they are not paying to any investor they are now making fools of others and now they are in the mode of runaway, they are not picking up the phone nor replying it


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